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Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore-House Party At Big Jon's (2016)
Artist: Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore
Title: House Party At Big Jon's
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Delta Groove Music
Genre: Electric Blues, Harmonica Blues
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 61:50
Total Size: 258 MB
146 MB

1. Goin' Back To Tennessee (2:46)
2. Here Comes My Baby (2:57)
3. It Wasn't Easy (4:36)
4. She's My Crazy Little Baby (2:55)
5. At The Meeting (Feat. Dave Riley) (4:01)
6. Mojo Hand (Feat. Alabama Mike) (3:41)
7. Mojo In My Bread (Feat. Tomcat Courtney) (4:55)
8. Mad About It (2:50)
9. Empty Bedroom (2:37)
10. I'm Gonna Miss You Like The Devil (2:58)
11. You Want Me To Trust You (Feat. Willie Buck) (4:33)
12. Mississippi Plow (Feat. Dave Riley) (3:43)
13. El Centro (3:22)
14. I'm A King Bee (Feat. Willie Buck) (3:41)
15. Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door (Feat. Alabama Mike) (6:55)
16. My Feelings Won't Be Hurt (5:13)

House Party at Big Jon's is a big portion of gut bucket, electric blues which will remind listeners why they fell in love with this music in the first place.

In 1988 Atkinson was born into a digital, cyber world which held no interest for a person who is a throwback to another age. His obsession with the blues took hold while still a youngster and led him on a quest to play with the modern masters. However, it was the old timers lining up to play with him.

Kim Wilson, who immediately took Jon under his wing and into his Blues All-Stars, put it this way, "Jon is one of the only guys doing it the right way. He knows the music. He knows the gist of it and understands the soul of the music."

Soon Jon would join that elite fraternity known as Bob Corritore's Rhythm Room All-Stars.

Thirty five years ago Corritore, a Chicago blues man, relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, and brought with him the blues from the windy city. He not only opened the Rhythm Room, an oasis of cool in the hot Sonoran desert, but a recording studio as well. It is where he has made a series of award winning albums which feature Bob's muscular blues harp in support of this generation's blues masters as well as the greats who are as old to him as as he is to Big Jon Atkinson.

Last year Corritore went to Jon's studio in San Diego. Bob said of Big Jon, "Jon's approach to the blues extends right into his recording studio. He records on vintage equipment just like it was recorded back in the old days. What you end up with is an honest performance with that natural saturation and warmth that makes for a beautiful sounding record." He went on to say, "This is an example of the beauty and natural camaraderie that the blues inspires. I've been doing this a long time and here I am learning from a man who is half my age."

As far as Bob's harp playing is concerned, Jon said, "Bob's playing on this record is the best of his career."

Joining Jon and Bob is yet a third generation of musicians who make special guest appearances on House Party at Big Jon's. They are vocalists Dave Riley, Alabama Mike, Willie Buck and Tomcat Courtney. They, along with Big Jon, put their own vocal spin and inject their unique personalities into a wonderful sixteen song mix of originals and some interesting covers. As Corritore points out, "There is, in some cases, a fifty to sixty year age differential between many of the musicians on this record. This speaks directly to the beautiful spirit of the blues that transcends the generations."

Everywhere you go there are people who LOVE the blues and are quick to mention how passionate they are for this brand of music. It is generally understood that they just don't make records like they used to and it is hard to find authentic sounding blues these days. Delta Groove Music has the answer. It is House Party at Big Jon's.

It is what blues fans have been waiting for. It is an old school, modern masterpiece that will sit side by side with all of those "desert island discs" that are so universally cherished. House Party at Big Jon's is an indispensible addition to any blues library.

This CD receives my highest recommendation and is an early contender for BLUES JUNCTION Productions' Album of the Year. ~David Mac


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