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Nick Moss Band - From The Root To The Fruit (2016)

Artist: Nick Moss Band
Title: From The Root To The Fruit
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Blue Bella Records
Genre: Electric Blues, Blues Rock
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 137:29
Total Size: 884 MB
327 MB

CD 1:
01. Before The Night Is Through (3:10)
02. Make Way For Me (3:24)
03. Dead Man's Hand (4:19)
04. From The Root To The Fruit (3:54)
05. Haymarket Hop (5:23)
06. Symone (4:02)
07. Love Me (2:30)
08. Lost And Found (6:15)
09. I Dig (4:02)
10. Rump Rash (6:02)
11. Long Tall Woman (2:44)
12. The Woman I Love (4:29)
13. Walk Away (5:16)
14. Cold Sore (1:58)

CD 2:
01. Catch Me I'm Falling (4:51)
02. Jupiter Florida (6:03)
03. Breakdown (6:29)
04. Serves Me Right (9:42)
05. Ta Ta For Tay Tay (4:35)
06. Breathe Easy (7:13)
07. Free Will (6:35)
08. Grateful (5:31)
09. Shade Tree (5:22)
10. Stuck (5:04)
11. Stand By (6:04)
12. Speak Up (7:17)
13. Heavy Water (5:00)
14. Hidden Track (0:04)

The Nick Moss Band's latest studio album and there are two juicy, discs with a total of 27 tracks of dynamite blues from the world's best blues jam band!

Each track features the superb talent that makes this group the powerhouse that it is! The title track features Moss himself on the harmonica, showing he is as skilled on harp as he is with the guitar. Michael Ledbetter proves he is head and shoulders above his contemporaries and why he favors other legends with his powerful vocals on tracks such as "Before The Night is Through," "Love," and "Me and I Dig." "Before The Night is Through" features a smooth walking piano bass line by keyboardist Taylor Streiff.

Disc two provides more material sure to satisfy your blues appetite! We enjoyed "Catch Me I'm Falling," "Shade Tree, Serves Me Right (Space Jam)," and "Breathe Easy," and we're sure that fans will too. Those fortunate enough to see Serves Me Right ( Space Jam) performed live will be awestruck by the individual solos by drummer Patrick Seals and bassist Nick Fane.

Gordon Beale is a treat as he adds his sax to tracks "Make Way For Me," "Dead Man's Hand," and "Haymarket Hop" on disc one. Jason Ricci, one of the best harp players in the business, stretches out a bit on "The Woman I Love," also on disc one. Start your summer on the right track and pick up From the Root to the Fruit, destined to become a classic.

Nick Moss Band - From The Root To The Fruit (2016)
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