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100 Top Trance Workout Hits Electronica Fitness 2016 + 1 Hr DJ Mix (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: 100 Top Trance Workout Hits Electronica Fitness 2016 + 1 Hr DJ Mix
Year: 2016
Label: Trancercise
Genre: Trance
Codec: MP3
Bitrate Audio: 320 Kbps
Playtime: 13:41:09
Total Size: 1840 mb

01. Workout Trance - 100 Top Trance Workout Hits Electronica Fitness 2016 (1 Hr DJ Mix) (59:15)

02. Invincible Quest - Grains of Energy (Workout Trance DJ Mix Edit)
03. Dim Day - Boom the Beat (Workout Trance DJ Mix Edit)
04. Lost Shaman - Endless Boundaries (Workout Trance DJ Mix Edit)
05. Phantom SentinelUnusual Cosmic ProcessPantograph - Aquarctic (Workout Trance DJ Remix Edit)
06. Robert Nowicki - Dextro (Workout Trance DJ Mix Edit)
07. Traumkraft - You Know (Workout Trance DJ Mix Edit)
08. Indepth - Retired Porn Star (Workout Trance DJ Mix Edit)
09. Franz Johann - They See You (Workout Trance DJ Mix Edit)
10. SBK - Visit Venus (Workout Trance DJ Mix Edit)
11. LemonchillSteve Self - Siren Song (Workout Trance DJ Remix Edit; feat. Steve Self)
12. Karl Johan - Porch (Workout Progressive House Mix)
13. Amplified By Night - Night Pitch (Workout Progressive House Mix)
14. Noise Tribe - All My Friends (Workout Progressive House Mix)
15. Villa Violet - Direct out (Workout Progressive House Mix)
16. Nout Masalute - Sunshy (Workout Progressive House Mix)
17. Convergent Evolution - Genetic Engineering (Workout Progressive House Mix)
18. Denis Alexander - The Perfect Date (Workout Progressive House Mix)
19. Static Noise Bird - The Octopus Spawning Nebulae (Workout Progressive House Mix)
20. Adrian Feder - Honey Eyes (Workout Progressive House Mix)
21. Tomic - I Call It Acid (Workout Progressive House Mix)
22. Amos - Vissen Blomma (Workout Cool Down Mix)
23. Flux Natura - The Only Thing They Carried With Them (Workout Cool DownMix)
24. Blue Planet Corporation - A Forest of Paradise (Workout Cool DownMix)
25. Alupran - Leufu Tolten (Workout Cool DownMix)
26. Ren Toudu - Stationary (Workout Cool DownMix)
27. Astral Sense - My Beloved (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
28. Norma ProjectNature - Life (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
29. Suduaya - Trance Heart (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
30. Beatspy - The D.n.a Truth (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
31. Drop Control - Space Traffic (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
32. ElephoMonster Mode - The Shield (Workout Progressive Trance Remix; feat. Elepho)
33. Solar Spectrum - Hypnotec (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
34. Lupin - Siempre Secuaces (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
35. Swing 8 - Timeless (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
36. Spinney LaineyAgent Kritsek - Enlightenment (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
37. Project Redux - Western Culture (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
38. Liquid Sound - Everything About Her (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
39. Satori - Power Stoner (Workout Progressive Trance Edit)
40. Techyon - Time Pattern (Progressive Acid Tech Trance Remix; feat. Dusters)
41. Illegal Substances - Bad Behaviour (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
42. Progressive Intention - Clash of Clans (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
43. Alignments - Theory of the Statics (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
44. Limbo - Direct Motion (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
45. Electit - Society (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
46. Monolock - Enigmatic Pulse (Workout Progressive Trance Mix)
47. Lemonchill - Subconsciousness Whispers (Workout Cool Down Mix)
48. Vonoom - Treebeard Speaks His Mind (Workout Cool Down Mix)
49. False Identity - The Vagrants Traipse (Workout Cool Down Mix)
50. ArgusAscent - Shining Star (Workout Cool Down Mix)
51. Chang - Lean over (Workout Cool Down Mix)
52. Alchemix - Red Forest (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
53. Liquid SoundPulsar - Song for the Sun (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
54. SCI FI - Ufo (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
55. Psychophony - Deja Vu (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
56. Paradigm - Adventure (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
57. Geo - Geoge (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
58. Zeo Logic - Rain (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
59. 2 MINDS - Behind the Silence (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
60. Ektoside - The Signal (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
61. Declaration of Unity - Obliteracion (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
62. Galactic Cowboy - Rearrange Dna (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
63. OvnimoonMoon Tripper - Sat Nam for Me, Sat Nam for You (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Remix; feat. Moon Tripper)
64. Psypheric - Crop Circles (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
65. Akbal - Subconscious (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
66. Palmos - Neverland (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
67. Mind Flex - Trust (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
68. Akron - Hieroglyphics (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
69. H Sunrise - Stream of Consciousness (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
70. Synergic - A New Life (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
71. Saltaux - Extraterrestrial Technology (Workout Progressive Goa Trance Mix)
72. Dimmat - Psyutraveler (Workout Cool Down Mix)
73. Blue Motion - Forgotten Titans (Workout Cool Down Mix)
74. I AWAKE - Life Cipher (Workout Cool Down Mix)
75. Beatfarmer - In Stillness (Workout Cool Down Mix)
76. Christos Koulaxizis - Something to Fill the Hole (Workout Cool Down Mix)
77. Subliminal Insane - Hologram Designer (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
78. FELIPE COSTA - Into the Light (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
79. Merlins Apprentice - Electronic Eyes (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
80. 01 N - Hippocampus Control (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
81. Trinodia - Escape (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
82. JISOmnivox - Silent Sweeper (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Remix; feat. Jis)
83. DrystortionThe Punishment DepartmentCtrlz3ta - Destructive Blood Storm (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
84. Psy Agency - Slim Mode (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
85. Sonic Elysium - Interstellar (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
86. Stuntproject - Universes (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
87. Brain DriverBiokinetix - Out off Space (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
88. Weir Del - Titan (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
89. High Max - Temple of Silence (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
90. Digital Skulls - Panic Room (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
91. Psypien - Omnivore (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
92. Braincell - Spaceworm (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
93. Proto Drive - Timeless (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
94. Gen - Past in the Present (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
95. Cower - Dia Y Noche (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
96. Sychodelicious - Cry (Workout Fullon Psy Trance Mix)
97. Chitoon - Danger Melody (Workout Cool Down Mix)
98. Balance - Fisgas (Workout Cool Down Mix)
99. Hedlok - Swartha (Workout Cool Down Mix)
100. DalShar Project - Afghan Rastaman (Workout Cool Down Mix)
101. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Endospore (Workout Cool Down Mix)

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