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Rob Lamothe - Above The Wing Is Heaven (2002)
Artist: Rob Lamothe
Title Of Album: Above The Wing Is Heaven
Year Of Release: 2002
Label: Southgroove Records
Genre: Blues, Blues Folk Rock
Format: APE
Quality: Lossless
Total Time: 38:11 Min
Total Size: 219 Mb (covers)


01. It's So Easy
02. Ashes to Ashes
03. Time Will Go By
04. Roads to Freedom
05. Blue Ray
06. Water
07. Paranoid
08. Lies
09. I Ride the Waves
10. Video

"Above the Wing is Heaven", the 7th solo album from world-class, gifted singer/songwriter Rob Lamothe, is a deep musical revelation featuring nine beautiful trax of "pure acoustic soul" stripped down to the dirt floor. Songs about love, life and "being human". A deeply introspective batch of tunes that will slowly sink deep into your skin.
On "Above the Wing is Heaven" (the first disc for the newly formed Southgroove Records), Rob Lamothe has "laid his burdens down" with a pure, soulful, bluesy bare-bones acoustic trip that is the perfect musical platform for his righteous, beautiful music which, in this setting, takes on a deep, intimate, ethereal quality that is "out of this world". Songs full of graceful beauty and integrity. The lean production is tastefully sparse bringing his soulful voice and striking lyrics well to the fore and provides an ideal finish for Lamothe's gently soulful sound. Acoustic guitars shimmer & weave an expansive bed for him to stretch his vocals out upon, talent balances technical abilty with emotional output in a flawless blend. There is a subtle beauty to the man's music that is rich with soul and emotion. Rob Lamothe is a true musical gem. The depth and range of his voice knows no limits or boundries; he has something intelligent to say and says it with a sense of total conviction that can't help but draw the listener in.
"Above the Wing is Heaven" features 9 awesome new trax, including uniquely beautiful, stripped-down acoustic versions of "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath and a righteous, obscure track by Robin Trower called "Roads To Freedom" in rememberance of James Dewar where Rob simply "shines" and guest guitarist Craig Erickson lays down some wah-guitar. Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson co-wrote and plays guitar on the stellar "Time Will Go By" and there is also a way-kool bluesy acoustic re-working of "Blue Ray" for brother Ray Gillen. The disc is packaged in a kool digi-pack design complete with an incredible, a cappella "hidden bonus track" that is guaranteed to trip many brains. And, as an added bonus, "Above the Wing is Heaven" is an enhanced disc featuring live performance video footage of several tracks from the disc, plus an incredible solo acoustic version of the classic Beatles track, "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" that is worth the price of admission alone. Rob Lamothe's treatment of this track is brilliant beyond words and begs to be seen and heard. "Above the Wing is Heaven" is the perfect collectors item and musical document on this gifted musician. Hardcore fans of his solo music, classic Riverdogs daze and new fans alike will unite with "joyful noise" over the incredibly cool "pure acoustic soul" found deep within the grooves on "Above the Wing is Heaven".
"Above the Wing is Heaven" is an awesomely crafted folk-soul creation and Rob Lamothe has found the perfect platform for his potent voice. Rob Lamothe moves far beyond earnest acoustic folk and comes up with something exquisite, soulful and rich. On "Above the Wing is Heaven", Lamothe & company mingle shadows and light, and the result is something very beautiful, compelling and restrained...a cool storm.
"In the tradition of any great folk singer/songwriter, Rob shares intimate morsels from his life with a clever ability for story telling through beautiful poetry and vocal emotion." ..."a collection of songs full of grace and vision... prepared to be brought to your knees, gently."

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