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Dan Holt - Pleasure & Shame (2015)
Artist: Dan Holt
Title Of Album: Pleasure & Shame
Year Of Release: 2015
Genre: Acoustic Blues
Label: Screaming Ray Recordings
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps, 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 36:43
Total Size: 88 Mb
Covers: Front

01. Not Thinking Of You (2:46)
02. Punchline (2:12)
03. Tell Me What You See (3:16)
04. Not Coming With You (5:02)
05. One Shot Of Whiskey (4:16)
06. A.C.'s Blues (2:51)
07. Pleasure & Shame (2:37)
08. Nothin' At All (2:54)
09. Season In Hell (4:19)
10. Big Black Smoke (3:31)
11. Runnin' Around (2:54)

I've been writing these bios (or having people write them for me) for a long time and my first draft always starts something like this: "My name is Dan Holt and I play guitar and sing the songs that I write as well as some songs that other people have written." That's probably not enough information to really tell you anything about me as an artist, so let me try again.

I guess I've been kicking around playing the blues regionally, and at some points nationally, for 20 years or so. I toured the country and made a handful of records with Cleveland-based blues duo Five Believers from 1992-97 and have been a fixture on the Northeast Ohio cafe and coffee house circuit ever since. My newest record, "Resonator," is my eighth as a solo artist and (yep, I say this every time) I think it is one of my best.

In April 2012, Jim Dimick and I filled my living room with guitars and recording equipment and banged out 18 songs in a three-day, 40-hour marathon. We did the basic tracks live to two microphones with plenty of room noise to go around, and then overdubbed some extra guitars, harmonicas and the like to the same two microphones with even more room noise. We picked the 11 songs that seemed to fit together the best and the result is something that comes as close as I ever have to the loose, improvisational dynamic of my live shows.

I called the album "Resonator" because I really like the Fender resonator guitar that has become my instrument of choice the past few years. I wish I had an arty, high-minded explanation of the larger theme behind the title but the truth is, I just really like that guitar and it seemed like a cool name for a record.

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