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Navitel for Android + All the workers of. Cards Q1-2013 | 4.49 GB

Coverage: Commonwealth: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan
Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland
Eastern Europe: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Estonia

Western Europe
Latin America
What's new in Navitel Navigator 7.5:
* Support for new card formats optimized nm7. Now the cards occupy half the space, and work in half the time!
* New privacy settings for the service Navitel.Druzya. Now you do not need to enter the visibility rules for each contact on your list - you can turn it on once for all service members!
* New widget route on the map.
* Automatic registration of the device user's personal account when activating the service Navitel.Druzya.
* Ability to update the voice packets from the program menu.
* Improved algorithm for displaying data traffic service Navitel.Probki.
* Implemented the automatic optimization of the map display on the screen when its displacement.
* Added a new section in the main menu - Help.
* Added support for Greek and Azerbaijani languages.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the display of the number of unread messages.
* Fixed slowly zoom-in for multitouch.
* Fixed display of the menu buttons at the bottom looking waypoints.
* Fixed errors and duplication POI display text for the next.
* Fixed a bug that caused the re-launch of the program after getting out of it.
* Fixed incorrect display of information about the movement of the bands.
* And also made numerous other minor fixes that enhance the stability and reliability of the program.
What's new in Navitel Navigator for Android:
* The display of actual data of the last location of service users Navitel.Druzya.
* Updated database speedcam.
* Fixed routing between countries.
* Fixed errors in the address search.
* Reduced memory consumption when rendering the globe on devices with limited memory.
* Fixed display of the names of the intersections on the page "My Route".
* Fixed a bug that caused it to crash on exit.
* And also made other minor fixes that enhance the stability and reliability of the program.
The contents of the assembly ::
Navitel-full- for all resolutions
Navitel-full- for all resolutions
Navitel-xlarge- to 1280 ? 800 (WXGA), 720 ? 1280, 1024 ? 600
Navitel-large- to 480 ? 800 (WVGA)
Navitel-normal- to 320 ? 480 (HVGA), 640 ? 480 (VGA)
Navitel-small- to 240 ? 320 (QVGA), 240 ? 400 (WQVGA)
RePack.apk requires less space on the device, NavitelContent copied to the sdcard, especially recommended for devices on Android older versions (1.x-2.x), with a small amount of RAM.
When installing RePack-and do not forget to remove the previous version of the skin NavitelContent Skins. Otherwise, the program will crash at startup due to an error opening the skin
NavitelContent Maps - Map Q1-2013 format nm7 only suitable for Navitel 7.5.x
NavitelContent Speedcams - speedcams (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan) 04.2013
NavitelContent Skins - Skins xlarge, large, normal, small under different resolutions (for RePack)
Manual_NavitelNavigator_7.5_PDA_RUS.pdf - instructions for Navitel 7.5
Installation Instructions ::
1. install apk
2. Copy the folder on the flash NavitelContent
If you have problems with the scale of fonts to choose your desired skin in the program settings.
Help, questions and problems to install here
Build updated 05.04.2013
Changed the folder structure
Updated map of Scandinavia on nordic20130331.nm7
Updated overview map of the Earth earth20130329.nm7

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