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Universe at War: Earth Assault update 1 (MULTi12/Repack by R-G- Catalyst)2012

Universe at War: Earth Assault update 1 (MULTi12/Repack by R-G- Catalyst)2012
Year: 2007 l Platform: PC l Developer: Petroglyph Games l Publisher: Soft Club l 3.27 GB
Language: Chinese / Spanish / English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Polish / Russian / Spanish / Thai
Genre: RTS (Real-Time Strategy) / 3D / 3rd Person

For many years, people are wondering whether they are alone in the universe- Set of hypotheses suggests the existence of other sentient beings, even more - denies- But if on the other planets have their own highly developed civilization, then who are they - the aliens? Wise mentors, people just want good, or the ruthless invaders, with their technology subordinates all other species? Earth, happened at the scene of an intergalactic struggle, is on the brink of destruction- Chance to save the planet is getting smaller every day- This is the beginning of science.fiction strategy Universe at War: Earth Assault from the creators of Star Wars: Empire at War-

Take command of one of three unique factions and to determine the fate of mankind- By embarking on his side, you can save the earth, and selecting a camp newcomers - erase it into powder- On the battlefield, irreversibly destroyed every object, so once burned down the city, you will not see it thriving - on the spot metropolis will forever remain the ashes- The stakes in this epic war as high as ever, and risked to take part in it defies death-

Game Features:
Unprecedented unit and faction customization give players the ability to change units and do research in the middle of combat to overcome any trial;
Unique multiplayer achievements that improve players online avatars;
Unique multiplayer game modes;
The manipulation and destruction of the environment in a sustainable world;
Two-layered gameplay, containing intense tactical battles and a strategic global mode where players manage resources, pool area and maneuvering armies;
Todays environment of the real world;
Three unique factions with different abilities and play styles;
Special units, heroes with unique abilities;
Massive units that makes it seem small conventional units RTS;
UI on demand, which does not block your view of the battle;
A Petroglyph, have made the Star Wars: Empire at War-

Features of Repack:
Do not cut / no recoded
Installation time ~ 15 minutes
RePacked by R-G-Catalyst

2013-01-07 UPD # 1

Repacked some of the data in order to prevent potential errors described user Karamelka

There have been updated and added files:

System Requirements:
- OS: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / Windows 7
- Processor: 2-8 GHz or equivalent
- Memory: 1 GB for XP; 2 GB for Vista / Windows 7
- Hard disk: 6 GB
- Video: DX9 compliant card (ATI X800 or NVIDIA 7600)

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