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Gundam Battle Universe NTSC-J

Gundam Battle Universe NTSC-J
English | Platform: PSP | Release: 2009 | 460.86 MB
Genre: Action, Combat, Shooter

Gundam Battle Universe is a Gundam themed action game from the year 2009 for the Sony PSP, and it is a "sequel" in the Gundam Battle series, coming after Gundam Battle Chronicles and Gundam Battle Royale.

It features most mobile suits from the Universal Century timeline of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime(some also from novels and manga like the Ex-S Gundam) from both Zeon and the EFSF, both are playable in the main Career mode where you can create a pilot and use it to progress from the OYW up until CCA.


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Tags: Universe, Battle, Gundam

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