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Mass Effect 3 v1.3.5427.46 + 6 DLC (2012/MULTi2/Repack by Dumu4)
Year: 2012 | PC | Eng, Rus | Developer: BioWare | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 9.59 GB
Genre: Action, RPG, Shooter

Playing Mass Effect 3 with all the official additions, walked out at the moment, including the latest "Leviathan". The plot of Mass Effect 3 is set after the events addon Mass Effect 2: Arrival," where Commander Shepard was put on trial and sent to Earth. An ancient alien race known as the Reapers started global invasion, leaving behind the ruins of civilizations. Land captured, the galaxy is on the brink of destruction, and only you can fix it. The cost of failure - oblivion.

Only you control how events will unfold, what the world will be investigated, and who will participate in the alliance, which you may gather, once and for all eliminate the threat of the Reapers. You drive this war, at its discretion: you can attack head-on, spraying enemy fire or a cunning plan to make a surprise attack. Collect versatile squad of professionals or browse the lone wolf. Attack the enemy from a distance or I will go down with him in a brutal melee. Mass Effect 3 will react to each decision taken by you - the story you have to tell yourself.

- Deep-linear plot: fantastic saga with multiple endings depending on your choices and actions during the game.
- Giant scale of events: you have to fight in many worlds across the galaxy to assemble a sufficient number of allies and fight off the ground before it is too late.
- Huge and cunning enemies: to engage in battle with huge monsters and small, but extremely intelligent and agile creatures that will make you sweat, chasing them.
- Upgrade your arsenal: improved weapons, the addition of a detail that many times will increase the power and efficiency - sights, grips, shafts and many other unique modifications. Each weapon inflicts damage and its form has a unique visualization of the shot.

Description of installed DLC:
Deluxe Edition:
- Armor N7 Guardian": Enhanced protection and increased durability. Can survive under heavy fire in the most heated battles. Increased ammo. Additional sections to provide ammunition readiness to wage a long battle. Increased damage. Integrated energy-power system increases the destructive power of weapons.
- Assault Rifle N7 Valkyrie": Shoots two cartridges at the same time with deadly accuracy. Heavy weapons that can stop any opponent.
- Assault Rifle M55 Argus": a powerful weapon that prefer the senior officers of the Security Service of the Citadel. Particularly effective in close combat, and his short bursts saves ammunition during long firefights. Other security forces in the galaxy often use this awesome and powerful weapons as standard armament.
- Shotgun AT12 Raider": A wide scatter fraction ensures maximum efficiency in the melee. The optimized design allows for exceptional rate of fire.
N7 Edition:
- Arsenal N7 - Use all the firepower of a sniper rifle, pistol, shotgun and machine pistol N7.
- Dog robot - a faithful companion who will join you on the "Normandy".
- A set of alternative clothing for teammates - you can change the appearance of your favorite team members.
- Sweatshirt N7 - casual dress for the captain, "Normandy."
Bonus Content:
- Sniper Rifle M90 ??Indra."
- Assault rifle Chakramomet X.
- Armor Knight Raider.
From Ashes:
In DLC From Ashes players need to "find the Lost Secrets of the Past" to hire a new character (proteanina, a race that was destroyed more than 50,000 years ago the Reapers), and completed the mission on Eden Prime. Of course, the players waiting for a new weapon.
Extended Cut:
Extends event in the end Mass Effect 3. For more cinematic scenes and an epilogue scene Extended Cut gives a deeper understanding of adventures of Commander Shepard, which depends on your choices during the war against the Reapers.
Something is hiding in the dark corners of the cosmos, something powerful enough to kill the Reaper. Shepard must uncover the most guarded secret in the galaxy, the Reapers are not stopped until this opportunity forever. Learn about the origin of the Reapers in a race against time across the galaxy to have time to find a Leviathan. Uncover the dark past of race Reapers before it is too late.

Features RePack:
- Do not cut / no recoded to a lower bitrate
- Integrated 6 DLC: Deluxe Edition, N7 Edition, Bonus Content, From Ashes, Extended Cut, Leviathan (to activate the DLC "Deluxe Edition", "N7 Edition" and "Bonus Content" at the entrance to the game, you must press "F12")
- The game is patched to version 1.3.5427.46
- Select the interface language when installing the game
- Installing the required software: DirectX, Visual C + + Redistributable, Nvidia PhysX
- Installation is divided into 3 DVD5
- Bilingual installer (English / Russian)
- Installation time - about 21 minutes
- Author repack - Dumu4

Minimum system requirements:
- Operating system: Windows XP (SP3) / Windows Vista (SP1) / Windows 7
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz or equivalent AMD
- Memory: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista / 7)
- Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 7900 / ATI Radeon X1800 with 256 MB VRAM
- Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
- Free hard disk space: 13.6 GB
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