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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Portable(PC/ENG/2011)

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Portable (PC/ENG/2011)
English | Platform: PC | Release: November 11, 2011 | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Developer: Bethesda Game Studios | 4.46 GB
Genre: RPG

For all lovers of the western RPG series The Elder Scroll is one of the finest examples of the genre, thanks to the enormous freedom and immersive titles that Bethesda can regalare.Il November 11 (11/11/11, there is to say that developers have found a date evocative, ed) will hit stores on the fifth chapter of the saga, Skyrim, which will continue to tell the legends born in Tamriel, the troubled continent of which the cold lands that we will explore are part.

This time there will be terrible demons to cross our path, but mighty dragons, to challenge, fight and kill naturally. We will be in fact the last descendant of the Dragonborn, beings capable of absorbing the soul of these beasts and transform it into extraordinary powers, which will be essential for the course of the adventure.
We flew to London to try out the first three hours of play and make us a better idea of ??what awaits us in a few weeks. Of course, in three hours, we have only scratched the surface of a title that promises more than 100 total hours of gameplay, but the evidence was sufficient to get in touch with the deep game editor, see the first dragon and experience first hand the system growth personaggio.Per afraid that some details about the plot could leaked ahead of time, evidence began half an hour after the real beginning of The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, or when we are finally free to explore the world at will . This makes us assume that we initially confined within a limited environment (no surprise, even Oblivion and Fallout 3 have used this trick) and then finally out into the light of sole.Prima we still have to start "playing" with freely the editor, very deep and powerful. We will have many different options to make our alter ego, just as we imagine it: from the race, the most important parameter since it can define some bonus based on character's, until the cut of the eyes, everything will be editable by slider. There is no limitation imposed racial or aesthetic; the Dragonborn can be either a human being in the north, is a Khajiit (being from feline features), an Argonian (a kind of lizard) an Elf (of all species, dark woods , old) or an Orc, or brush his hair slicked back, male or femmina.Tali choices, at least initially, are not going to affect the conduct of the plot: the background of infighting between realms characterized by ideologies and ethnic compositions very different indeed could kick off in different storylines depending on your scelte.Una you have created a huge world opens in front of you, seemingly without purpose and objectives. This feature of the series, one of the most beloved by fans but opposed by those who come for the first time, back in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim unchanged. In the diary of the game screen or missions will not have to follow and everything we do is look for some contact with local people, understand how to make ourselves useful, learn and survive among the feuds already in place and the war that incombe.Fatti close our gaze is immediately drawn to a group of towering monoliths in a meadow. Approaching discover that we have the opportunity to interact with these and instantly get a useful bonus of 20% in the growth characteristics linked to the "profession" of rogue, warrior and mage. Obviously we can pick just one time, but this will greatly help the specialization in one way or another character.
Instead of exploring the neighborhood decide to use the time available to us to delve into the game world, heading towards the nearest village and looking for clues on how to continue the adventure. Once you reach Riverwood discover how this beautiful village is full of life: every citizen has his own business and apparently follows a routine of tasks default that gives a good rationale for its actions. The carpenter cut logs on the river bank, the woodman will chop the logs and build new pieces to the blacksmith equipaggiamento.Quest 'last plus is well prepared to teach the rudiments of the trade or how to use the forge. Each type of weapon will require a different process, the plates should be drilled leather tanned leather, while the iron is melted. Following items are assembled and eventually perfected with the hammer. The quality of what you can get and the type of weapons available to depend on the parameter of blacksmithing and owned by members. A real shame that all these operations are carried out via menu driven and not through mini-games, that perhaps the long run would have tired but, if well implemented, would make such actions less meccanici.Chiacchierando with residents discover how it was recently spotted a dragon, but especially after so many years that a theft was committed in the city. Sniffing the rewards we offer to retrieve the artifact, following the trail of a thief who has ventured into the mountains. This section is already shown in the first game footage and the events preceding and at the end of the climb we will find a cave infested with bandits, mice and non morti.Come make matters worse, a huge fire-breathing spider has caught the thief in his web, and we forced to kill him to retrieve the stolen goods. The fight is pretty tough, especially with poorly trained skills. The dungeon has automatically set the levels of monsters so that the challenge was tough and actually necessiteremo few fights to see things become simpler. As is tradition in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim skills will grow by use. Parrying blows with the shield will increase the ability to block, often using spells will become magicians provetti.Salendo level we can decide whether to increase the parameter Vitality, Stamina and Mana or we will be assigned a perk. For every specific skills will be matched by a kind of constellation of growth in the menu, and spending one or more points on the individual stars will earn specific skills.

The perk is unlocked only the most advanced reaching a certain level in a specific skill, forcing the player to specialize in a limited number of skills to achieve their maximum efficienza.Ad example, the first "star" of the one-handed weapons allowed get a +40% damage with the weapon, and we had the opportunity to spend up to five perk on capacity. A more advanced skill instead allowed a higher chance to cause critical damage to enemies, an element that activated spectacular animation in which the protagonist ended the opponent. Each hand of our alter egos will be completely independent and what's more we can freely decide to equip two spells, weapon and shield or weapon and magic. See hands-screen recall fairly closely Bioshock, especially when we use the magic of fire. Moreover, combining the same two spells add up their effectiveness, a kind of fireball - in case of fire magic - the higher power.
Defeated the evil arachnid rid the thief and let us deliver the mysterious booty. The dungeon is still not finished, so that reaching its end we find a strange wall that draws us to himself. The view is fogged and awaken after a few strong moments of a new scream, a kind of magic from the higher power. Unfortunately, it is necessary to enable the soul of a dragon, a real shame, considering that a little later suffer the attack of an undead particularly stubborn, able to use the magic of ghiaccio.Fortunatamente during our trip we had found pieces equipment of sufficient quality to be right of the mini bosses. Back at the village and received the reward will be free to continue our journey, trying to find out how to get new powers, and why not, looking for some dragon can attivarli.A this point, observing my colleagues, we began to realize again what makes The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim special, though apparently very, perhaps too similar to its predecessor. Each of the various journalists had approached the game in its own way, and it was able to mold itself to allow everyone to experience the most fulfilling possibile.Qualcuno had chosen a human warrior, someone else a mage elf or an orc rogue, one had found a partner from the beginning can be his shoulder, but all of these variables did not affect at all on game events. Once we get through this first mission, they took three different paths, those who went to school for wizards to immediately learn the most powerful spells of the game, who has sworn allegiance to a king rebel who planned to subject the other kingdoms and who is started looking for ways to unlock its powers. This led him to clash with the first mighty dragon, the only, according to developers, placed in a default context, can allow novice players to find and deal with it immediately to unlock the scream. The remaining will move rather randomly throughout the game map, and we're good and lucky to meet them as well as to kill them.
This is because the fights with dragons are among the toughest in the entire game, since they will be able to fly, breathe fire and use the tail as a blunt weapon. Fortunately for help on this occasion there will be a handful of soldiers sent by Whiterun to eradicate the threat that put fire to the huge city. Killed the beast and absorbed his power we can finally unlock the first scream, can generate a powerful shockwave that can wipe out everything you davanti.The para Elder Scroll V: Skyrim sports a new graphics engine created Creation Engine, based on Gamebryo, historical tools used to Morrorwind, Oblivion and Fallout 3. Despite the significant step forward made with this technology, some of the historical motor defects are still present, as the pop up of surface features, such as rocks and tufts of grass, animations do not really convincing, despite a third person, and finally used after all passabile.Su PC all these elements should disappear, allowing us to enjoy the many positive elements of the game as a design very different, a wide horizon and a rich fauna and credible, with frozen elephant seals on the beaches, and giant mammoths on the plains covered with snow, moose and wolves in the woods. The map should be at least as large as Oblivion, providing dozens of virtual square kilometers of mountains, forests and cities. Generally very good frame rate, except during the autosaves, literally able to stop the game for some istante.Piuttosto lenses instead of loading an area of ??open and close the map, which unfortunately end up breaking action. It is hoped that in these last few weeks, Bethesda technicians are able to optimize the technical sector. Completely revised management menu: Start by pressing the button we can browse through the options and the diary, and by pressing the B button will put the game on pause and we can go in your inventory, manage spells, see the stats of the character and see mappa.Rispetto as seen in Oblivion, these menus will be completely and we will scroll text vertically and horizontally to reach the desired options. Personally we did not find this solution very intuitive, especially in the management of the slots fast. Instead of providing the opportunity to choose only four objects (one for each direction of the cross digital), with the pressure of the latter simply opens another menu in which you quickly choose a favorite objects from a list personalizzata.Molto good sound, Thanks to a timely and accurate dubbing in English and a variety of musical themes well suited to the type of game that can keep a change of pace change of pace, between moments of pause and others combattimento.Quasi superfluous to speak of longevity: TED promises to give away tens of hours of gameplay, which could break the hundred total in case you decide to follow every little quest or explore every square meter of distant lands.


OS: Microsoft ® Windows ® 7 / SP2 Vista ® / XP ® SP3
Processor: Core 2 Duo or AMD X2 or better
Memory: 1GB (XP), 2GB (Vista), 2GB (Windows 7)
Hard Drive: At least 7 GB
Video Memory: ATI Radeon 3850 or NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
DirectX: 9.0c


OS: Microsoft ® Windows ® 7 / SP2 Vista ® / XP ® SP3
Processor: AMD or Intel Quad-core Processor
Memory: 2GB (XP), 3 GB (Vista), 3 GB (Windows 7)
Hard Drive: At least 10 GB
Video Memory: ATI Radeon 5750 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
DirectX: 10.0

.: Notes intallation:.

At stake are eliminated all the other languages??, there remains only the Italian language. Nothing has been touched on the scenes of the game.
Open the program FREEARC portable (Portable created by me) and unzip the file. Arc of a folder on your desktop, click on the file icon SkyrimLauncher and Enjoy!

P. S. if it does not start, install the DirectX 10.0, the redistributable 2010 (google is your friend) Inside there is also full map of the world of Skyrim, 9 printable pages, very useful in the game.


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Portable(PC/ENG/2011)
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Portable(PC/ENG/2011)



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