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Release Description: Since the beginning of time, twelve Guardians watched over the planet, its inhabitants and life force. Reborn many times over, the Guardians' most important duty is to serve as spiritual guides to many warriors who perform heroic deeds throughout history. Eighty-five years ago, the Guardians mysteriously disappeared, just when the threat of a Holy War began to rise. In dire need of a new breed of warriors, the last remaining Water Guardian emerged from her shelter to recruit five women: an acolyte from a dying clan of powerful seers, a holy squire protected by a sentimental scientist, a lost dark elf seeking refuge in the Mercenary Guild, and twin sisters: a monk-in-training and a rising minstrel.

Book 1 Song of Pisces War Guardian Chronicles v1.0-TE

Real-time hack-and-slash battle system.Tools that can help you navigate terrains.Craft more powerful weapons and accessories.Heartwarming original soundtrack.Job promotions for major stat boosts.

Book 1 Song of Pisces War Guardian Chronicles v1.0-TE

Genre: Hack 'n' Slash
Developer: Senshi.Labs
Publisher: Senshi.Labs

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Tags: Pisces, Guardian, Chronicles

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