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Philipp K. Janert, "Feedback Control for Computer Systems"
English | ISBN: 1449361692 | 2013 | 336 pages | EPUB, PDF | 25 MB

How can you take advantage of feedback control for enterprise programming? With this book, author Philipp K. Janert demonstrates how the same principles that govern cruise control in your car also apply to data center management and other enterprise systems. Through case studies and hands-on simulations, you抣l learn methods to solve several control issues, including mechanisms to spin up more servers automatically when web traffic spikes.

Feedback is ideal for controlling large, complex systems, but its use in software engineering raises unique issues. This book provides basic theory and lots of practical advice for programmers with no previous background in feedback control.
Learn feedback concepts and controller design
Get practical techniques for implementing and tuning controllers
Use feedback 揹esign patterns?for common control scenarios
Maintain a cache抯 揾it rate?by automatically adjusting its size
Respond to web traffic by scaling server instances automatically
Explore ways to use feedback principles with queueing systems
Learn how to control memory consumption in a game engine
Take a deep dive into feedback control theory

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Tags: Systems, Computer, Control, Feedback

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