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Beginning Perl (2012)
Beginning Perl
Wr-x (September 2012) | ISBN: 1118013840 | PDF + EPUB | 744 pages | 8.3 MB

Everything beginners need to start programming with Perl

Perl is the ever-popular, flexible, open source programming language that has been called the programmers?Swiss army knife. This book introduces Perl to both new programmers and experienced ones who are looking to learn a new language. In the tradition of the popular Wrox Beginning guides, it presents step-by-step guidance in getting started, a host of try-it-out exercises, real-world examples, and everything necessary for a Perl novice to start programming with confidence.

Introduces Perl to both new programmers and experienced ones who want to learn a new language
Provides a host of real-world applications for today抯 environments so readers can get started immediately
Covers the new features of Perl but fully applicable to previous editions
Beginning Perl provides the information and instruction you need to confidently get started with Perl.

From the Back Cover

Learn the Perl skills employers are looking for

As one of the most influential programming languages in the world, Perl is used extensively in web development, data processing, and system administration. Whether you抮e new to Perl or looking to strengthen your real-world skills, this resource covers what you need to handle scenarios. Drawing on his decade-plus of Perl experience, Curtis 揙vid?Poe begins with a brief review of the basics of Perl, then moves on to demonstrate how you actually use Perl in the workplace. Additionally, hands-on exercises, invaluable advice, and real-world examples all contribute to making this book essential reading.

Beginning Perl:

Explains how to work with data using Perl抯 built-in functions
Shows how to handle Unicode in Perl
Details the basics of control flow and handling references, files, and directories
Devotes a full chapter to Object-Oriented Perl as well as a chapter on Moose
Provides a comprehensive introduction to automated testing
Touches on Catalyst, DBIx::Class usage, and other popular modules
Technical edit by chromatic, a well-known developer, prolific writer, and author of several Perl titles
揟his is not your everyday Beginning Perl book. Not only does Ovid provide splendid coverage of Perl抯 basics and best practices, he also covers modern Perl techniques and modules, where Perl抯 real power lies. [It] is like being given Batman抯 utility belt: you have everything you need to do truly amazing things. If Perl were a shark, this book would teach you how to outfit it with lasers.?
桺aul Fenwick, Perl Training Australia

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What Is Perl?
Chapter 2. Understanding the CPAN
Chapter 3. Variables
Chapter 4. Working with Data
Chapter 5. Control Flow
Chapter 6. References
Chapter 7. Subroutines
Chapter 8. Regular Expressions
Chapter 9. Files and Directories
Chapter 10. sort, map, and grep
Chapter 11. Packages and Modules
Chapter 12. Object Oriented Perl
Chapter 13. Moose
Chapter 14. Testing
Chapter 15. The Interwebs
Chapter 16. Databases
Chapter 17 Plays Well with Others
Chapter 18. Common Tasks
Chapter 19. The Next Steps



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