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"DNA Replication: Current Advances" ed. by Hervé Seligmann

"DNA Replication: Current Advances" ed. by Hervé Seligmann
Second edition
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9533075937 | 707 pages | PDF | 35 MB
This book offers to readers current trends in the field of DNA replication. The study of DNA advanced human knowledge in a way comparable to the major theories in physics, surpassed only by discoveries such as fire or the number zero.

The deep conviction that no human knowledge is perfect, but only perfectible, should function as a fair safeguard against scientific dogmatism and enable open discussion.

Part 1 DNA Structure
1 DNA Structure: Alphabet Soup for the Cellular Soul
2 Replication Demands an Amendment of the Double Helix
3 Phosphorothioation: An Unusual Post-Replicative Modification on the DNA Backbone
4 Mitosis and DNA Replication and Life Origination Hydrate Hypotheses: Common Physical and Chemical Grounds
Part 2 Mutations
5 Strand-specific Composition Bias in Bacterial Genomes
6 Mutation Patterns Due to Converging Mitochondrial Replication and Transcription Increase Lifespan, and Cause Growth Rate-Longevity Tradeoffs
7 Mitochondrial DNA Replication in Health and Disease
8 Damage and Replication Stress Responses
Part 3 Replication Origins, Forks, Chromatine Organization
9 Relationship between Fork Progression and Initiation of Chromosome Replication in E. coli
10 Replication Origin Selection and Pre-Replication Complex Assembly
11 The Coordination between DNA Replication Initiation and Other Cell Cycle Events
12 The Organisation of Replisomes
13 Eukaryotic Replication Barriers: How, Why and Where Forks Stall
14 Control ofTelomeric DNA Replication: Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Physiology
15 Telomere Maintenance in Organisms without Telomerase
16 Eukaryote DNA Replication and Recombination: an Intimate Association
Part 4 The Cell Cycle and Replication
17 Cell Cycle Regulation of DNA Replication in S. cerevisiae
18 Free Histones and the Cell Cycle
19 Involvement of Linker Histones in the Regulation of Replication Timing
20 Replication Timing: Evolution. Nuclear Organization and Relevance for Human Disease
21 The Silencing Face of DNA Replication: Gene Repression Mediated by DNA Replication Factors
Part 5 Proteins in Replication
22 Faithful DNA Replication Requires Regulation of CDK Activity by Checkpoint Kinases
23 Regulation of the G1/S Transition in Adult Liver: Expression and Activation of the Cyclin Dependent Kinase Cdk1 in Differentiated Hepatocytes is Controlled by Extracellular Signals and is Crucial for Commitment to DNA Replication
24 Binding of Human MCM-BP with MCM2-7 Proteins
25 DNA Replication in Animal Systems Lacking Thioredoxin Reductase I
Part 6 Replication and Diseases
26 Prevalence of Reactivation of Hepatitis В Virus DNA Replication in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
27 Oncogenic Aspects of HPV Infections of the Female Genital Tract
28 The Role of E2 Proteins in Papillomavirus DNA Replication
29 Topoisomerase I and II Expression in Recurrent Colorectal Cancer Cells: A Dubious Matter
30 Bacterial Genetics of Large Mammalian DNA Viruses: Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes as a Prerequisite for Efficiently Studying Viral DNA Replication and Functions

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