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The Complete OFFICIAL Star Wars Encyclopedia, Volumes 1-3

The Complete OFFICIAL Star Wars Encyclopedia, Volumes 1-3 By Daniel Wallace, Stephen J. Sansweet, Pablo Hidalgo, Bob Vitas
English | ISBN: 0345477634 | 2008 | PDF | 1224 pages | 371.20 MB

The Star Wars universe, much like our own, is constantly expanding. In the ten years since the publication of the Star Wars Encyclopedia, a lot has happened in that galaxy far, far away: four new feature films, a host of official original novels, comics, video games, and more. Now, thirty years of information on all things Star Wars-ranging from science and technology to history and geography, culture and biography to ecology and cosmology-has been supplemented with an entire decades worth of all-new material. Abundantly illustrated with full-color artwork and photos, and now in a new three-volume edition to accommodate its wealth of detailed entries, the Star Wars Encyclopedia encompasses the full measure of George Lucass creation.

Heres just a sampling of whats inside:
character portraits of both the renowned (Luke Skywalker, Queen Amidala, Darth Vader) and the obscure (Tnun Bdu, Tycho Celchu, Bib Fortuna)
the natives and customs of planets as diverse as Tatooine and Hoth, Dagobah and Kashyyyk
the rituals, secrets, and traditions of Jedi Knights and Sith Lords
a timeline of major events in Star Wars history, from the Clone Wars and the inception of the Empire to the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker and the invasion of the monstrous Yuuzhan Vong

Scrupulously researched and written by leading authorities Stephen J. Sansweet, Pablo Hidalgo, Bob Vitas, and Daniel Wallace, this landmark work is the must-have centerpiece of every Star Wars library.

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