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Analyzing and Applying Current Transformers
Analyzing and Applying Current Transformers by Stanley E. Zocholl
English | 2004 | ISBN: 0972502629 | 98 pages | scanned PDF | 17 MB
Current transformers (CTs) are used throughout the world as current transducers for protective relays in industrial, commercial, and utlity applications. Standard ratings and application guides deal with the steady-state sine wave behavior of current transformers. Despite the use of recommended rules applied to avoid transient saturation, it always occurs in certain critical relay applications. Analyzing and Applying Current Transfomers is a reference book written for professionals concerned with the application andf operation of CTs used as current transducers for input to protective relays in electrical power systems. This book presents transformer concepts that provide the fundamentals to understand the non-linear characteristics, accuracy ratings, and transient behavior of current transformers.
Analyzing and Applying Current TransformersAnalyzing and Applying Current Transformers

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