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Freezer Meals: Top 365+ Quick & Easy Make-Ahead Recipes for Busy Families
Freezer Meals: Top 365+ Quick & Easy Make-Ahead Recipes for Busy Families including 1 FULL Month Meal Plan (Your Ultimate Freezer Meal Cookbook) By Jade Blake
English | ISBN: 1537676865 | 2016 | EPUB , PDF | 614 pages | 1mB

Quick & Easy Freezer Meals for EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!
Over 365+ Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert & Snack Recipes & One Full Month Meal Plan included in this Book!
Introducing The Revolutionary Freezer Meal Cookbook...
Specifically designed for the people who want to eat healthy food, but dont have time to prepare food regularly.
With this book, you will learn the secrets of making freezer meals (make-ahead meals) which are not only healthy, delicious and homemade, but that also require very little or no further preparations prior to serving.

You'll be amazed how much time you can save by using simple freezer meal recipes. Preparing your meals once a week means that you'll have enough food to last the whole week without having to cook every single night.

Your life will be much easier and you'll have so much extra time to spend doing what you truly love. Once the cooking and freezing is done in a batch, you're spared the task of cooking lunch and dinner and sometimes even breakfast for the next 7 days!

This book contains HUNDREDS of the VERY Best Wholesome Freezer Meal Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert recipes to get you started on Your Make-Ahead-Meal Journey

In this Book You Will Learn:
What Will I Need?
What I Can Freeze?
Pro Tips for Freezing
What Shouldnt I Freeze?
Cooking from Frozen
6 FULL WEEKS Meal Plan
Some of the Profound Benefits You are Guaranteed to Experience:
Save Time to Do Things that Really Matter
Never not know what's for Supper
Increase Energy Levels & Vitality
Accelerated Fat Loss
Improved Mental Focus
Lower Blood Sugar & Cholesterol
Hormonal Balance
Think of the Freezer Meal Diet like pushing the Ëśreset button with your overall health and relationship with your food habits.
Here Is A Preview Of The Wholesome recipes you will find in this book:
Chicken topped with Mango Salsa
Grilled Chicken Over Squash Spaghetti
Steak and Veggie Kebabs
Asian Lettuce Wraps
Spicy Chicken Cilantro Wraps
Arugula Salmon Salad
Gazpacho & Guacamole
Roasted Rack of Lamb with Blackberry Sauce
Lamb Ragu with Celery Root Pasta
Pork Meatloaf with Sun Dried Tomato & Mushrooms
Energizing Acai Bow
Beef Breakfast Casserole
Spicy Pumpkin Patties
Apple Cinnamon Porridge
Egg Breakfast Muffin
Breakfast Casserole
And Much Much More!

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