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Finding Your Voice: What Every Woman Needs to Live Her God-Given Passions Out Loud [Audiobook]

Finding Your Voice: What Every Woman Needs to Live Her God-Given Passions Out Loud [Audiobook] by Natalie Grant
English | September 16, 2016 | ASIN: B01M02ZDPH, ISBN: 1531831990, 1531831982 | [email protected] kbps | 4 hrs 50 mins | 132 MB
Narrator: Natalie Grant

In a culture that praises blending in over standing out, productivity over purpose, and noise over truth, many women find their God-given voices compromised, quieted, or even mocked. We all long to live out our divinely designed passions and unique talents, yet too often it becomes so much easier in the face of opposition to stay silent altogether. What if God is calling you to so much more?

As a working mom, a wife, an artist, and an abolitionist, Natalie Grant has struggled to live on purpose while battling the worldly demands of keeping up the appearance of perfection. Emerging from her own dark spiral of suffocating inadequacy, Natalie found fresh hope in the truth that God has already given women everything they need to live out their God-given identities, passions, and callings. Finding Your Voice offers the heart-rallying, life-giving truth that a womans voice is not an uncalled for interference to be silenced but a gift to be used for Gods Kingdom purposes. In voice lessons, as in life, a strong vocal identity requires us to first stand firm and breath deep, and finally to go for it - loud and clear.

With rich scriptural study and personal stories infusing every chapter, Finding Your Voice reveals how to discover your own unique talent, train it according to Gods word, and start using it for the good of others - without guilt and apology.

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