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The Minimalist Guide to Prepping

The Minimalist Guide to Prepping: Being Prepared Without Being Obsessed: Prepper & Survival Training Just in Case the SHTF off the Grid, Practical... Information War, and Apocalypse, Volume 1
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Is the end near? Of course, no one knows the answer to this question. What I do know is there are a few things I want to have just in case. I am not someone who is hoping for an apocalypse, but I am someone who is prepared in case it comes our way. With The Minimalist Guide to Prepping: Being Prepared Without Being Obsessed, I want to teach you what will come in handy in case the SHTF. I dont think that we should spend the last calm days we have obsessing over the being ready for a "Doomsday".

Ill help you get prepared in just a few hours a week. Ill go over a few things like:

What to Have on Hand
What to Buy and What Not to Buy
The Bug out Bag
Skills to Learn Between Now and the Apocalypse
Gold, Silver, and Bartering
What to Tell Your Spouse and Children

John Alexis (Author), Robert Slone (Narrator)

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