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Do Better With Asana: Your Guide To Doing Great Things With Asana: Beginner Edition

Do Better With Asana: Your Guide To Doing Great Things With Asana: Beginner Edition by Mike Vardy
English | 12 Sep 2016 | ASIN: B01K8QLDFG | 182 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 8.54 MB
Discover the Second Edition of the best-seller by Mike Vardy & Jeremy Roberts, now based on the re-branded version of Asana thanks to Bastien Siebman!

This Beginner Edition does not contain the chapter "Advanced Techniques".

This book is the culmination of months of communication and collaboration and combined years of productivity specialization. Words traveled from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere and back countless times, and what youre reading right now is the end result. But the real question is, why did we come together to work on this project?

Because we love what Asana has allowed us to do over the years, and we want to share how you can get the most out of it-right from the time you use it.

One of the things weve heard about Asana on our websites and through various conversations we have online is that it can be too complex. For some, that will be true. For others, Asana will seem like a breath of fresh air compared to what theyve used in the past (WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Project anyone?). The two of us wanted to create something that would help those who struggle with getting out of the gate with Asana as well as deliver tips, tricks, and tactics for more seasoned users so that they can get even more out of Asana.

Weve also heard that Asana is great for team task management but not for individual work. It may seem that way from the onset, but Asana is useful for one person operations just as much as it is for very large teams. Do Better With Asana aims to dispel all of the myths that surround Asana, including the myth that Asana just isnt designed for personal use. Within these pages youll learn about the ways you can leverage Asana, no matter what your organizational structure and workflow preferences are. Asana is truly adaptable, and Do Better With Asana will demonstrate just how adaptable it is.

We just dont talk the talk in Do Better With Asana; we walk the walk.

The three of us are active Asana users. Weve been using Asana since its release. Jeremy and Bastien use Asana with several teams, and Mike uses it to communicate and collaborate with clients and Productivityist team members all over the world. Mike has even paid a visit to the Asana offices to get a closer look at what the team is building there.

But it doesnt stop there with us. This entire program was built using Asana and tools that integrate with Asana. Since we live in opposite regions of the globe, we used Slack for communication in real-time. Asana is linked to Slack so we can track our activity in our Do Better With Asana Workspace. We used Asana to manage this project from its first steps to the creation process and into the launch phase and beyond. We also leveraged Google Drives integration with Asana to share the text for each section of the book and grabbed research links using the Google Chrome Extension in order to get the links into Asana. Every conceivable aspect of the Do Better With Asana product began and ended in Asana.

So if youve been looking to get more out of Asana-whether you have just added it to your productivity toolbox or have been using it for a lengthy period of time-this guide is going to be a valuable resource. Were passionate about productivity, and were passionate about Asana. We wanted to distill those passions into something that will help people just like you power up their productivity and level up their lives as a result. We know Asana can help you do that...and Do Better With Asana will help you do that even better.

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