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Conn Iggulden - [Emperor 02] - The Death Of Kings (Audiobook)

Conn Iggulden - [Emperor 02] - The Death Of Kings (Audiobook)
Publisher: Chivers
English | 48 Kb | CBR | 44,100 Hz | Mono | 374 MB

Forced to flee Rome, Julius Caesar is serving on board a war galley in the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean and rapidly gaining a fearsome reputation. But no sooner has he had a memorable victory than his ship is captured by pirates and he is held to ransom. Abandoned on the north African coast after hard months of captivity, he begins to gather a group of recruits that he will eventually forge into a unit powerful enough to gain vengeance on his captors and to suppress a new uprising in Greece. Returning to Rome as a hero - and as an increasingly dangerous problem for his enemies. Caesar is reunited with his boyhood companion Brutus, but soon the friends are called upon to fight as they have never fought before, when a new crisis threatens to overwhelm the city; in the form of a rebellious gladiator named Spartacus.


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Tags: Iggulden, Emperor, Audiobook

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