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1,101 Words2watch: A Wordsmiths Guide to Misused and Confusing Words, 1st Edition

1,101 Words2watch: A Wordsmiths Guide to Misused and Confusing Words
David Athol Coe, Sykes Trevor (Foreword by)
2016 | ePUB | ISBN-10: 0987492330 | 74 pages | English | 355 KB
English can be a minefield of embarrassment for writers when the wrong word is used and this is a must-have for business writers, executives, analysts, journalists and academics, who will be able to quickly untangle many misused and confusing words.

You will discover:
Brief, everyday meanings of words mistaken for one another.
Pairs of words so you can instantly spot the one you need.
The difference between ‘wanton and ‘wonton, and lots of other words that can trip up even accomplished writers.
The real meanings of commonly misused words.
The right word to use every time.

This is a dictionary of pairs from veteran business journalist David Coe.

David, who is Australias authority on investor social media, spent decades working in leading newsrooms around the world, such as the Financial Review and The Times of London. In the cauldron of daily journalism, he developed a love for the precision and beauty of the English language as well as the discipline of a professional writer.

This book is the result.

From ‘affect and ‘effect through to ‘yack and ‘yak, 1,101 Words2watch gives brief, everyday meanings in a clear, easy to use format.

Flick through it and see how easy it is to use the right word every time. It will never leave your desk.






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