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Blaylock Welness Report, Collection of 120 Issues

Russell Blaylock, "Blaylock Wellness Report"
2004 - 2014 | English | PDF, original and few scanned | 101.22 MB

Dr. Blaylock is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer. Been retired he have dedicated his time to the scientific investigation, searching for a medical scientific studies and compiling the reports that summarize it. This reports provide an invaluable source of information for a simple non medically educated people allowing to learn and well, without exaggerating saving lives.

This collection of the reports is what I have personally found in the open access in the internet during the last 5 years. It is not all issues in existence, but I'll be updating it if I'll get the new reports.

5 Breakthrough Medical Updates You Need to Know.pdf
5 Secrets They Don't Teach Doctors.pdf
6 Medical Myth That Can Threaten Your Life.pdf
7 Strategies to Stop Heart Disease - Part 2 of 2.pdf
Addiction - Diet's Hidden Role in Obsessive Disorders.pdf
Aluminum - Poison Hiding In Plain Sight.pdf
Alzheimers - Is it Kind of Diabetes.pdf
Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Migraines - Fight Back Using Nature's Elexirs.pdf
Are You Suffering from Hypothyroidism and Don't Know It.pdf
Are You the Victim of Hidden Allergies.pdf
Arthritis - Confronting Chronic Joint Pain.pdf
Autism - The Silent Enemy.pdf
Beat Depression and Anxiety With Nutrients - Part 1.pdf
Better Digestion - Protect Your Intestines, Colon and Vital Organs from Disease and Cancer.pdf
BP Crisis Spotlights Dangers Of Volatile Chemicals To Your Health.pdf
Breast Cancer - Beating the Odds.pdf
Breath Easy - How to Protect Your Lungs for Life.pdf
Can Sudden Cardiac Death Be Prevented.pdf
Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous.pdf
Colon Cancer - The Hidden Dangers.pdf
Curcumin Protects the Brain and Fights Cancer.pdf
Cut Your Risk of a Deadly Stroke.pdf
Dangerous Food Additives That Damage Your Health.pdf
Dealing With Headaches, Astma and Cookbook Medicine - part 2.pdf
Destructive Effects of Grain on the Brain.pdf
Detoxify Your Body.pdf
Dispelling Myths About Alternative Treatments For Cancer.pdf
Do Vaccines Do More Harm Than Good.pdf
Dont Let Hidden Inflamation Impair Your Brain.pdf
Eat for a Great Life - Supplements, Diet, and Food Secrets - part 1.pdf
Eat for a Great Life - Supplements, Diet, and Food Secrets.pdf
Eat Your Way to Terrific Cardiovascular Health.pdf
Eating Fish - What You Need to Know.pdf
Eliminate Hypertension Forever.pdf
Excess Iron and Cancer - Part 2 of a Special Report.pdf
Extend Your Life - 4 Supplements That Will Help You Live Longer.pdf
Flu Shots - Dont Let Drug Companies Poison You.pdf
Food Additives - What You Eat Can Kill You.pdf
Food-Additives and Risk for Your Brain, Lungs.pdf
Foods That Will Heal You.pdf
Frankenfoods and Pesticides - Destroyers of Health.pdf
Genetically Modified Food - Is the Food Industry Serving Up Poison.pdf
Good Science Can Defeat Flesh Eating Bacteria.pdf
Good Sleep - Stop Insomnia, Reduce Stress, Boost Your Total Health.pdf
Government Is Coming for Your Supplements - Protect Yourself.pdf
Health Dangers Lurk Within Your Home.pdf
Health Exams That Can Save Your Life.pdf
Heart Saver - Protect Yourself From Heart Attacks and Strokes.pdf
How Diet and Exercise Can Improve Your Health - Even Your Brain.pdf
How To Avoid Poisonous Foods.pdf
How to Protect Yourself From Dangerous Medical Advice.pdf
Infections That Lurk in Your Body - What You Must Know.pdf
Inflammation - The Real Cause of Most Diseases.pdf
Intravenous Vitamin C Has Performed Miracles.pdf
Iron in Your Body - Too Much Can Be Deadly.pdf
Is Cancer a Parasite.pdf
Is The Moder Health-Care System Killing You.pdf
Is Your Drinking Water Fit to Drink.pdf
Keeping Young - Your Sex Life, Looks and Health.pdf
Key Vitamins That Save Your Heart, Prevent Cancer, and Keep You Living Longer.pdf
Killer Headaches - Natural Ways to Stop And Prevent Them.pdf
Life-Saving Research Your Doctor Doesn't Know.pdf
Magnesium - The Forgotten Miracle Nutrient.pdf
Magnesium Deficiency Is Widespread, Untreated And Deadly.pdf
Maintaining Your Memory.pdf
Mercury - Save Your Body From Nature's Deadly Poison.pdf
Miracle Cure for Brain Deseases.pdf
Miracle Tea - Protects Your Heart and Brain While Preventing Cancer.pdf
Mystery Deseases That Baffle Your Doctor.pdf
Myths and Facts - The Truth About Cholesterol.pdf
Natures Brain Boosters - Essential Nutrients for Peak Mental Performance.pdf
New Heart Revelations - Inflammation And Colom Play Key Role.pdf
Nutrition and Medicine Can Beat Cancer.pdf
Omega-3 - Nature's Miracle Panacea.pdf
Our Bodies Invisible Critters Vital for Health.pdf
Outsmarting and Beating Infections.pdf
Overcome Depression and Its Deadly Effects.pdf
Parkinson's Disease You Can Fight Back.pdf
Prevent a Heart Attack.pdf
Prevent Cancer Before It's Too Late - Part 1.pdf
Prevent Cancer Before It's Too Late - Part 2.pdf
Probiotics - The Answer to Many Mystery Illnesses.pdf
Prostate Cancer - Fighting Back.pdf
Protect Yourself from Holyday Health Dangers.pdf
Protecting Your Eyes.pdf
Revealed - The Food Industry's Deadly Lies About Fat.pdf
Save Your Brain - Protect Yourself from the Ravages of Alzheimer's and Other Diseases.pdf
Sleeper Germs - Hidden Infections and Their Link To Disease.pdf
Stomach Health - Stop Acid Reflux, Prevent Cancer and Improve Your Life.pdf
Stop Aging Naturally.pdf
Stop Believing the Cholesterol Myth.pdf
Strategies to Stay Healthy To Your 80s, 90s And Beyond.pdf
Survive Your Hospital Visit.pdf
The Diabetes Solution.pdf
The Fat Cure - Health Secrets to Losing Weight Permanently.pdf
The Fat Cure.pdf
The Foods That Make Your Heart Its Best.pdf
The Good Fat - Ketones Promote Brain Health, Inhibit Cancer.pdf
The Great Cancer Lie - It Is Preventable and Beatable.pdf
The Immune System - Your Personal Body Guard.pdf
The Key to Better Health - Your Diet - Part 2.pdf
The Power of Supplements - Amazing Truth That Can Keep You Healthy - Part 2.pdf
The Real Cause of Deadly Cancers.pdf
The Secret Science of Losing Fat.pdf
The Trouble With Vaccines.pdf
Transform Your Health by Eating the Right Fats.pdf
Use Prevention to Take Control of Your Healthcare - Part 3 of 3.pdf
Vaccinations - The Hidden Dangers.pdf
Vaccinations and Brain Injuries - Are You at Risk.pdf
Vitamin D's Hidden Role in Your Health.pdf
What Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know about Heart Disease, Cholesterol, and Obesity.pdf
Why Fluoride Is Toxic.pdf
Winter Health Worries.pdf
You Will Age - But Don't Get Frail - Part 1.pdf
Your Doctor `Misses' Key Health Matters.pdf
Your Golden Years - Be Healthy, Not Frail.pdf
Your Healthcare Is in Jeopardy - Protect Yourself - Part 1 of 3.pdf
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