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The European Edisons: Volta, Tesla, and Tigerstedt

The European Edisons: Volta, Tesla, and Tigerstedt
Palgrave McMillan | Electrical Engineering | Aug. 10 2016 | ISBN-10: 1137492201 | 173 pages | pdf | 1.44 mb
Authors: Sethi, Anand Kumar

This book explores the lives, inventions, discoveries, and significant work of three extraordinary European inventors with noteworthy links to the great Thomas Alva Edison - Alessandro Volta, Nikola Tesla, and Eric Tigerstedt. It explores the business and scientific legacies that these men have contributed to the modern world. Despite prejudices, ill health, financial stringency, geopolitical situations, business rivalries, and in many cases just awful luck, they remained determined to deliver extraordinary scientific and technological developments to a skeptical and unappreciative world. This book is a testament to anyone pursuing their technological dreams for the benefit of society, and will enhance the literature for scholars, researchers, and the well-informed reader with an interest in science, technology, and the personalities involved in history.

Innovation/Technology Management
Electrical Engineering
History of Technology

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