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The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth: The Mommy MD Guides

The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth: The Mommy MD Guides
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This audiobook is filled with 900+ tips that doctors, who are also mothers, used during their pregnancies and births. Theyre experts squared!

To create this audiobook, we spoke with 60 doctors who are also mothers; we call them Mommy MD Guides. We spoke with many Mommy MD Guides who are still in the trenches with their babies. Some of them were even pregnant when we talked. We also spoke with Mommy MD Guides whose babies are grown up with babies of their own. They are Grammy MD Guides! Combined, these physicians have centuries of experience as doctors, and among them they have 146 children.

The 900+ reassuring, trusted, and often even humorous tips in this audiobook are presented in the Mommy MD Guides own words, and each tip is clearly attributed to the doctor who lived it. Because doctors so often see the things that can go wrong, they try to do everything as right as they can for their own health and for that of their families. Physicians are a healthier group than the whole. Even though women physicians sometimes suffer through things that take time and that affect them alone, pregnancy is different. Most doctors go the extra mile to take care of their own bodies while they are carrying their babies. The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth offers tips on both the challenges and the celebrations of pregnancy. You will discover how Mommy MD Guides made it through pesky pregnancy challenges, such as morning sickness, back pain, and heartburn, and you will also learn how they enjoyed wonderful celebrations of pregnancy, such as telling their partners the good news, baby showers, and meeting their babies for the first time.

This audiobook is a reassuring look at pregnancy that is filled with practical, actionable tips that work. After all, if a physician juggling a busy practice and a hectic home, or a resident working 110 hours a week used a tip, no doubt it worked. And if it worked for her, it will likely work for you, too.

MD, MPH Rallie McAllister (Author), Jennifer Bright Reich (Author), Kathy Broderick (Narrator)

MD, MPH Rallie McAllister (Author), Jennifer Bright Reich (Author), Kathy Broderick (Narrator)

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