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"Dental Implantology and Biomaterial" ed. by Mazen Ahmad Jawad Amin Almasri

"Dental Implantology and Biomaterial" ed. by Mazen Ahmad Jawad Amin Almasri
English | ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535125222 9535125214 | 191 pages | PDF | 79 MB
This book covers topics of clinically applied tips and tricks, the reality of transmucosal implant surface, the future of ceramic implants, the revolution of implant surface treatment, and finally the application of nonautogenous graft in the treatment process. The aim is updating the practitioners, researchers, and postgraduate trainees in the field with up-to-date clinically applied topics focused on reducing the gap between research and clinical application.

The discipline of dental implantology is one of the scientific medical/dental fields that are moving dynamically very fast. Not to mention the multiple specialties involved in managing the service as well as the research production.
As much as it is necessary to have books to review the basics of bone healing, cellular biology, and implant rehabilitation planning, it is very critical to have more focused books to link the dots and elevate the benchmark of success even higher, especially when facing the reality of more advanced case challenges nowadays.

1 Introductory Chapter : Dental Implantology, The Challenging Scenarios between Training, Resources, and Patients Demands
2 Antibiotics in Implant Dentistry
3 Dimension and Structures of Biological Seal of Peri-Implant Tissues
4 Ceramic Biomaterials for Dental Implants: Current Use and Future Perspectives
5 Ceramic Materials as an Alternative to Titanium for Dental Implant Fabrication
6 Treatments to Optimize Dental Implant Surface Topography and Enhance Cell Bioactivity
7 The Role of Hydrophilic Sandblasted Titanium and Laser Microgrooved Zirconia Surfaces in Dental Implant Treatment
8 The Effects of Surface Roughening Techniques on Surface and Electrochemical Properties of Ti Implants
9 Biodegradation of Injectable Calcium Phosphate Bone Cements: A Dental Perspective
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