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GMO Sapiens: The Life-Changing Science of Designer Babies

Paul Knoepfler, "GMO Sapiens: The Life-Changing Science of Designer Babies"
English | 2015 | ISBN: 9814678538, 9814667005 | 284 pages | PDF | 7.2 MB

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) including plants and foods are a hot topic of debate today, but soon related technology could go much further and literally change what it means to be human. Scientists are on the verge of being able to create people who are GMOs.
Should they do it? Could we become a healthier and better species or might eugenics go viral leading to a real, new world of genetic dystopia? GMO Sapiens tackles such questions by taking a fresh look at the cutting-edge biotech discoveries that have made genetically modified people possible.
Bioengineering, genomics, synthetic biology, and stem cells are changing sci-fi into reality before our eyes. This book will capture your imagination with its clear, approachable writing style. It will draw you into the fascinating discussion of the life-changing science of human genetic modification.
Readership: Undergraduate biology majors, graduate biology majors, non-experts interested in GMOs, biologists and teenagers interested in cloning and human genetic modification.

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