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[center]Neutron Diffraction ed. by Irisali Khidirov
"Neutron Diffraction" ed. by Irisali Khidirov
ITAe | 2012 | ISBN: 9789535103073 | 295 pages | PDF | 25 MB

This book comprises original results of world leading scientists recently in research of crystal state of various materials by neutron diffraction method. The book may be useful to wide circle of researchers interested in structure of crystal state of various materials and neutron diffraction application.

This book has 13 chapters in various sphere of neutron diffraction application.
1 Hydrides of Cu and Mg Intermetallic Systems: Characterization and Catalytic Function
2 Neutron Diffraction Measurements for Residual Stresses in AL-6XN Stainless Steel Welded Beams
3 Modelling Residual Stress and Phase Transformations in Steel Welds
4 Data Processing Steps in Neutron Diffraction: From the Raw Data to the Differential Cross Section
5 Neutron Diffraction Studies of the Magnetic Oxide Materials
6 Introduction of Neutron Diffractometers for Mechanical Behavior Studies of Structural Materials
7 The Molecular Conformations and Intermolecular Correlations in Positional Isomers 1- and 2- Propanols in Liquid State Through Neutron Diffraction
8 Neutron Diffraction Study of Hydrogen Thermoemission Phenomenon from Powder Crystals
9 Three-Dimensional Magnetically-Oriented Microcrystal Array: A Large Sample for Neutron Diffraction Analysis
10 Temperature Evolution of the Double Umbrella Magnetic Structure in Terbium Iron Garnet
11 Superspace Group Approach to the Crystal Structure of Thermoelectric Higher Manganese Silicides MnSiy
12 The pH Dependence of Protonation States of Polar Amino Acid Residues Determined by Neutron Diffraction
13 Determination of Internal Stresses in Lightweight Metal Matrix Composites
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