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Brian Neuroto - Get Super Focused

"Get Super Focused: 100+ Simple And Powerful Tips To Increase Your Concentration" by Brian Neuroto
2014 | EPUB | 121 pages | ASIN: B00MUWP696 | English | 0.2 MB

Did you know that nowadays, our cognitive ability to concentrate is 10x weaker than it was 50 years ago?

Did you also know that it won't get any better in the future, only worse?

Unless, you do something about it

Great concentration is strongly linked with outstanding success and that's for a very good reason. It is THE most important cognitive ability that we human beings possess.
It allows us to focus our thoughts, time and energy into things that really matter. Things like earning more money, becoming healthier day after day, developing oneself intellectually and spiritually, finding true friends- and partnerships and reaching new heights in our career and personal life.

Take for example: the Straight A student, the successful entrepreneur, scientist, artist, inventor and athlete; they all have one thing in common - a supreme level of concentration. Or take a look at the most influential and successful people who have ever existed on this planet, then you will quickly realize that they all demonstrated a supreme level of concentration too.

Let's take some socially proven examples:

* Steve Jobs
* Nikola Tesla
* Leonardo Da Vinci
* Mozart
* Warren Buffett
* Albert Einstein
* Garry Kasparov
* Muhammad Ali
* And much more

Unfortunately, we live in a world that doesn't nurture concentration. Actually, the world we live in promotes quite the opposite. The modern world, as it is today, is full of distractions, and distractions are the number 1 enemy of concentration.

Did you know that

If you are distracted, it takes a staggering 10-20 min until you come back to the task you were working on, just to get to the point you were at before you were distracted.

This is bad news ladies and gentleman, because minutes add up.

Additionally, every time you get distracted or interrupted, the strength of your concentration becomes weaker, to the point where your concentration is lost. Remember those days where you just couldn't focus for a couple of seconds on the task at hand? Now you know why.

Many people also don't know that if you don't train your concentration, then it'll get worse over time. Just like a knife that gets dull if you don't take the time to sharpen it.

How can "Get Super Focused" help you?

Luckily, your ability to concentrate can easily be restored, trained and strengthened with the over 100 tips, tricks and techniques illustrated in this ebook. You'll not only learn how to instantly increase your concentration, but also how to become immune against the most evil distractions that civilization has to offer.

Many people have called this book a total life changer!

Here are the benefits of having a better concentration:

1. Work less but get more done
2. Better and deeper sleep
3. Relaxation becomes easier when it's time to relax
4. Improved memory and creativity
5. Increased confidence
6. Clearer, faster and sharper thinking
7. Reaching your goals becomes easier and faster

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