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Duns Scotuss Theory of Cognition

Duns Scotuss Theory of Cognition by Richard Cross
English | 2014 | ISBN: 019968488X | 240 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Richard Cross provides the first complete and detailed account of Duns Scotuss theory of cognition, tracing the processes involved in cognition from sensation, through intuition and abstraction, to conceptual thought. He provides an analysis of the ontological status of the various mental items (acts and dispositions) involved in cognition, and a new account of Scotus on nature of conceptual content. Cross goes on to offer a novel, reductionist, interpretation of Scotuss view of the ontological status of representational content, as well as new accounts of Scotuss opinions on intuitive cognition, intelligible species, and the varieties of consciousness. Scotus was a perceptive but highly critical reader of his intellectual forebears, and this volume places his thought clearly within the context of thirteenth-century reflections on cognitive psychology, influenced as they were by Aristotle, Augustine, and Avicenna. As far as possible, Duns Scotuss Theory of Cognition traces developments in Scotuss thought during the ten or so highly productive years that formed the bulk of his intellectual life.

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Tags: Scotuss, Theory, Cognition

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