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Tapeworms, Lice, and Prions :A compendium of unpleasant infections
David Grove, "Tapeworms, Lice, and Prions: A compendium of unpleasant infections"
English | ISBN: 0199641021 | 2014 | 544 pages | EPUB | 9 MB

An extraordinary array of infectious agents affects humans; from worms, arthopods, and fungi to bacteria, viruses, and prions. In this compendium of the curious and fascinating organisms that cause disease, including Legionnaire's disease, mumps, CJD, and chlamydia, David I. Grove provides a lively, fact-filled account of the nature of each organism, their life cycle, the ingenious ways in which they infect humans, and the human stories behind their discovery.


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Tags: Tapeworms, Prions, compendium, unpleasant, infections

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