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Chance: The science and secrets of luck, randomness and probability

New Scientist, "Chance: The science and secrets of luck, randomness and probability"
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1781255431 | 272 pages | EPUB, MOBI | 1 MB

For you to be here today reading this requires a mind-boggling series of lucky breaks, starting with the Big Bang and ending in your own conception. So its not surprising that we persist in thinking that were in with a chance, whether were playing the lottery or working out the likelihood of extra-terrestrial life.

In Chance, a (not entirely) random selection of the New Scientists sharpest minds provide fascinating insights into luck, randomness, risk and probability. From the secrets of coincidence to placing the perfect bet, the science of random number generation to the surprisingly haphazard decisions of criminal juries, it will explore these, and many other, tantalising questions.

Following on from the bestselling Nothing and Question Everything, this book will open your eyes to the weird and wonderful world of chance - and help you see when some things, in fact, arent random at all.

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Tags: Chance, science, secrets, randomness, probability

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