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Violent Adolescents: Understanding the Destructive Impulse

Violent Adolescents: Understanding the Destructive Impulse (Forensic Psychotherapy Monograph Series) by Lynn Greenwood
2005 | ISBN: 1855759152 | English | 110 pages | PDF | 0.4 MB

"This book throws light on the nature of violence in the midst of a time in life which is not without its own turbulence. It draws on a wide range of knowledge and experience, exploring the different ways adolescents give vent to their violence, whether it be towards others or themselves. It highlights the fear that lies behind so much of the adolescent fury and calls upon all those who are involved - in the family, in the school or community - to build together the emotional and social capacity to hold and contain the strain and tension which is driving the adolescent beyond his or her own control." - Peter Wilson, Director, YoungMinds

This volume looks at the reasons behind adolescent violence and comes to the conclusion of there having been an earlier disturbance in the adolescents life causing the violent behavior. However, the contributors look beyond the "why" of the behavior and try and offer solutions on how to handle the situation.
The contributors are all experienced practitioners and draw from their extensive experience in the consulting rooms. The thought-provoking and concise chapters discuss such problems as school-bullying, self-destructive and suicidal adolescents, violence towards the parents and violence while in care.
This book is full of insights into the common problem of adolescent violence and should be required reading for all concerned with the young adults of today.

Contributors: Dr Robin Anderson, Dr Lucia Berdondini, Emily Cooney, Professor Reinmar du Bois, Lynn Greenwood, Bruce Irvine, Dr Andreas Liefooghe, and Andrea Scherzer

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Tags: Violent, Adolescents, Understanding, Destructive, Impulse

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