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Frederic Bibard, "365 Days of French Expressions with Audio"

Frederic Bibard, "365 Days of French Expressions with Audio"
CreateSpace | 2015 | ISBN: 1512316296 | English/French | PDF+MP3 | 222 pages | 49.5 Mb
Speak French more naturally.
Do you sometimes find that you know all the words in a sentence but still cannot figure out the meaning? Congratulations, youve probably met an expression or idiom. For example, when you say its raining cats and dogs, you dont mean that cats and dogs are falling out of sky, of course, but rather that its raining heavily. The French also love to use expressions to convey a more specific message. ...

Idioms provide interesting insights into the languages and thought processes of their speakers. By understanding the French Expressions and their literal translations, it will help you to gain a sense of the French culture and mind-set.
Have fun while learning French
After years of teaching I know for a fact that expressions are something students love to learn. It is fun to notice the differences between your mother tongue and a second language. This short eBook will add fun to your daily learning process.
Pronounce things the right way with audio. More than 2 hours of audio.
Develop a learning habit.
« Quality is not an act, it is a habit. » - Aristotle. This eBook contains 365 expressions - so you can learn a new one every day. You can devour this eBook in few hours if you like, but if you can develop a learning habit by reviewing one expression per day it may be much more beneficial. This book can be the first step towards the creation of a lasting learning habit.
Never forget useful expressions
At the end of each chapter/week, you will find a recap and a quiz to ensure you dont forget the most frequently used French expressions.
Technical detail:
+365 French expressions, idioms translated in English and literal meaning
Quiz and vocabulary recap.
+ Audiobook (2 hours in total)

Frederic Bibard, "365 Days of French Expressions with Audio"

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