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Polymer Morphology: Principles, Characterization, and Processing

Qipeng Guo, "Polymer Morphology: Principles, Characterization, and Processing"
English | ISBN: 1118452151 | 2016 | 472 pages | PDF | 28 MB

With a focus on structure-property relationships, this book describes how polymer morphology affects properties and how scientists can modify them. The book covers structure development, theory, simulation, and processing; and discusses a broad range of techniques and methods.

Provides an up-to-date, comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of polymer morphology
Illustrates major structure types, such as semicrystalline morphology, surface-induced polymer crystallization, phase separation, self-assembly, deformation, and surface topography
Covers a variety of polymers, such as homopolymers, block copolymers, polymer thin films, polymer blends, and polymer nanocomposites
Discusses a broad range of advanced and novel techniques and methods, like x-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, and electron microscopy and their applications in the morphology of polymer materials

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Tags: Polymer, Morphology, Principles, Characterizatio, Processing

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