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Beekeeping and Bee Conservation Advances in Research ed

"Beekeeping and Bee Conservation: Advances in Research" ed.
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535124129 9535124110 | 251 pages | PDF | 39 MB

This volume presents current issues in the field of bees in multiple contexts and ties together experiments conducted by some of the world's most renowned researchers.

The authors' point-of-view and own research results are described in a clear and objective way, which is very useful for beginners in the study of the subject and is likewise valuable for the more experienced on the subject, who may find new hypotheses to be tested and broaden their future prospects in the field.

The book is wide in scope, focusing largely on Apis mellifera. Topics range from genetics, to pollination studies, to the conservation of bees. It includes a chapter dedicated to stingless bees and another for bumble bees.

1 A Comprehensive Characterization of the Honeybees in Siberia (Russia)
2 Breeding Program Design Principles for Royal Jelly
3 Improvement and Selection of Honeybees Assisted by Molecular Markers
4 Impacts of Pesticides on Honey Bees
5 Advances in Pharmacological Activities and Chemical Composition of Propolis Produced in Americas
6 Fruit Tree Pollination Technology and Industrialization in China
7 Beekeeping in Jalisco, México
8 From Extraction to Meliponiculture: A Case Study of the Management of Stingless Bees in the West-Central Region of Mexico
9 Rearing Bumble Bees for Research and Profit: Practical and Ethical Considerations
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