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The Majesty of Death: Auschwitzs Paranormal Secrets

The Majesty of Death: Auschwitzs Paranormal Secrets by Amy Cravitz
English | March 16, 2016 | ASIN: B01D3QEL5C | 28 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 1.84 MB
In this bone chilling installment, Amy uncovers a diary that speaks of the unspeakable. While the abominations at Auschwitz were continuing unabated, there were rumors that there were spiritual and supernatural things going on that were as hidden as they were unexplained.

Amy has come across a few diaries that mention this. And what exactly is "this?"
"This," is the whispering tale of shadows, ghosts, and things best not discussed with the lights on.
Was there some kind of divine intervention taking place at the death camps? A kind of grouping of angels that hovered above the mistreated Jewish masses, waiting to claim souls for the afterlife? A lot of confusion surrounds such supernatural suppositions. In this installment, we read of one prisoners barracks where the so called shadows seemed to foretell the onslaught of approaching death. Prophetic angels? Spooky shadows seen by tormented and overworked imaginations? Frazzled minds that manufactured such dubious bumps in the night? Not much evidence of these shadowy angels exist, but in "The Majesty of Death," Amy translates a diary that seems to bring these shadows front and centre. Most historians and war crimes experts tend to ignore and even deny the existence of such shadows as fake and fanciful literature. We dont know much, if anything about these shadows that supposedly visited some prisoners who were at the brink of death. Amy has simply translated the diary as it was written, and in doing so, she lets you decide for yourself what credence, if any, should be giving to the existence of such supernatural entities.


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