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Heritage Apples: A New Sensation

Heritage Apples: A New Sensation by Susan Lundy
English | 2013 | ISBN: 1927129915 | 228 pages | EPUB | 8 MB

Heritage Apples travels far beyond the grocery store of today to savor the apples of the past. These are the apple varieties - the Gravensteins, the Kings, the red-fleshed Pink Pearl - that link us to history, but through food movements and taste preferences are remerging as the fruit of the future. Heritage apples evoke memories and passion for some; for others they offer delicious, unexplored flavors and a connection to local farmers.

Discover the histories behind the apples, and learn some startling apple facts. Identify the taste, appearance, and uses of 40 different heritage varieties and gain useful growing and harvesting information. Meet apple growers, cider-makers, and people fighting to preserve heritage apples, and join a lifestyle that embraces local and slow food movements. Then try the recipes! Create delicious apple-based dishes, such as Chickpea-Apple Curry, French Apple Clafouti, Tarte Tatin, Apple Brownies, Apple Pie, and more. Expand your knowledge of one of our most popular fruits and celebrate its history with Heritage Apples.


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