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Hot Technologies of Test and Measurement for Automotive Cars: Real Driving or Virtual Driving

Hot Technologies of Test and Measurement for Automotive Cars: Real Driving or Virtual Driving by Yoshishige Ohyama
English | April 9, 2016 | ASIN: B01E2K26HI | 43 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 5.7 MB
Not only the measurement on the chassis dynamometer but also the value in the actual operation come to be put in question as fuel cost and the emission restriction of the car become severe, and the measurement device and the measuring method at the actual operation are presented variously.

Not only the evaluation using a virtual simulation, but also the verification using the practical vehicle running for the autonomous driving are necessary when the development in the future is expected. It is not easy to imitate the situation of the obstacle such as actual vehicles completely though the soft dummy called Strikeable Surrogate Vehicle is used to evade the damage of the car when colliding in the examination such as the automatic brakes. In the development of the car aiming at these fuel cost, emission, safe running, and the comforts, etc., concept/design, the examination of component in laboratories, the testing of internal combustion engines, and motors on test benches, the bench examination of the powertrain, the examination on the chassis dynamometer, the vehicle testing and the practical vehicle examination on real world are processed. Due to the development of t model-base techniques, virtual simulation technologies have been taken now in these processes. Recently, the practical vehicle running test doesnt put the object on the road, and be presented the system that displays three virtual dimension object in drivers front display. It is important to increase the productivity of the process consistently with a common simulation tool in the future because it corresponds to the globalization now though the simulation tool and the model for each process are used in these each process. Here, the point and the advanced technology are arranged based on the report such as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) for the test and the measurement in the automotive field, and the trend in the future is considered.

1. Development process for Automotive Cars
2. Emission, fuel economy, and driveability
3. Noise and vibration
4. Electromagnetic interference
5. Steering and suspension
6. On-board diagnostics
8. Drivers reaction


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