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Microcontrollers: High-Performance Systems and Programming

Julio Sanchez, Maria P. Canton, "Microcontrollers: High-Performance Systems and Programming"
English | 2013 | ISBN: 1466566655 | PDF | pages: 694 | 23,8 mb

Focusing on the line of high-performance microcontrollers offered by Microchip, Microcontrollers: High-Performance Systems and Programming discusses the practical factors that make the high-performance PIC series a better choice than their mid-range predecessors for most systems. However, one consideration in favor of the mid-range devices is the abundance of published application circuits and code samples. This book fills that gap.

Possibility of programming high-performance microcontrollers in a high-level language (C language)
Source code compatibility with PIC16 microcontrollers, which facilitates code migration from mid-range to PIC18 devices
Pin compatibility of some PIC18 devices with their PIC16 predecessors, making the reuse of PIC16 controllers in circuits originally designed for mid-range hardware possible
Designed to be functional and hands-on, this book provides sample circuits with their corresponding programs. It clearly depicts and labels the circuits, in a way that is easy to follow and reuse. Each circuit includes a parts list of the resources and components required for its fabrication. The book matches sample programs to the individual circuits, discusses general programming techniques, and includes appendices with useful information.


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Tags: Microcontroller, Performance, Systems, Programming

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