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Quantum Field Theory for Mathematicians

Robin Ticciati, "Quantum Field Theory for Mathematicians"
English | 1999 | pages: 714 | ISBN: 052163265X | PDF | 53,6 mb

Ticciatis approach to quantum field theory falls between building a mathematical model of the subject and presenting the mathematics that physicists actually use. It begins with the need to combine special relativity and quantum mechanics and culminates in a basic understanding of the standard model of electroweak and strong interactions. The book is divided into five parts: canonical quantization of scalar fields, Weyl, Dirac and vector fields, functional integral quantization, the standard model of the electroweak and strong interactions, renormalization. This should be a useful reference for those interested in quantum theory and related areas of function theory, functional analysis, differential geometry or topological invariant theory.


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Tags: Quantum, Theory, Mathematicians

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