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Polymer Blends

Lloyd M. Robeson, "Polymer Blends"
English | 2007 | ISBN: 3446225692 | PDF | pages: 467 | 6,5 mb

The field of polymer blends has been one of the most prominent areas of investigation in polymer science in the past several decades. In 1967, when the author started his professional career, polymer blend technology was virtually at the beginning with miscibility in polymer blends believed to be extremely rare if not basically impossible. The technology involved with the compatibilization of immiscible polymer blends was yet to be developed. The fundamental relationships covering the thermodynamics of polymer blends were at least partly developed but concepts including equation of state thermodynamics did not exist. The field of polymer blends has an analogy with metal alloys, and the technology development over the past four decades has well-established the principles and practice leading to significant commercial successes. The search for new materials to solve the materials needs for emerging applications now often relies on polymer blend solutions. With four decades of research in this area by the author, a perspective of the developments in this technology is hopefully presented illustrating the significant developments as the polymer blend technology matured.


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