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Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer, 5th Edition

John R. Howell, M. Pinar Menguc, "Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer, 5th Edition"
English | 2011 | ISBN-10: 1439805334 | 987 pages | PDF | 82 MB

Providing a comprehensive overview of the radiative behavior and properties of materials, the fifth edition of this classic textbook describes the physics of radiative heat transfer, development of relevant analysis methods, and associated mathematical and numerical techniques. Retaining the salient features and fundamental coverage that have made it popular, Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer, Fifth Edition has been carefully streamlined to omit superfluous material, yet enhanced to update information with extensive references.

Includes four new chapters on Inverse Methods, Electromagnetic Theory, Scattering and Absorption by Particles, and Near-Field Radiative Transfer

Keeping pace with significant developments, this book begins by addressing the radiative properties of blackbody and opaque materials, and how they are predicted using electromagnetic theory and obtained through measurements. It discusses radiative exchange in enclosures without any radiating medium between the surfaces―and where heat conduction is included within the boundaries. The book also covers the radiative properties of gases and addresses energy exchange when gases and other materials interact with radiative energy, as occurs in furnaces.

To make this challenging subject matter easily understandable for students, the authors have revised and reorganized this textbook to produce a streamlined, practical learning tool that:

Applies the common nomenclature adopted by the major heat transfer journals

Consolidates past material, reincorporating much of the previous text into appendices

Provides an updated, expanded, and alphabetized collection of references, assembling them in one appendix

Offers a helpful list of symbols

With worked-out examples, chapter-end homework problems, and other useful learning features, such as concluding remarks and historical notes, this new edition continues its tradition of serving both as a comprehensive textbook for those studying and applying radiative transfer, and as a repository of vital literary references for the serious researcher.


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