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"The Species Problem: Ongoing Issues" ed. by Igor Ya. Pavlinov

"The Species Problem: Ongoing Issues" ed. by Igor Ya. Pavlinov
English | ITAe | 2013 | ISBN: 9789535109570 | 290 pages | PDF | 6 MB
The book includes collection of theoretical papers dealing with the species problem, which is among most fundamental issues in biology. The principal topics are consideration of the species problem from the standpoint of modern non-classical science paradigm, with emphasis on its conceptual status presuming its analysis within certain conceptual framework; epistemological consideration of the species as a particular explanatory hypotheses, with respective revised concepts of biodiversity and conservation; considerations of evolutionary and phylogenomic species concepts as candidates for the universal one.

Section 1 Introductory
1 The Species Problem, Why Again?
Section 2 Conceptual Issues
2 The Species Problem: A Conceptual Problem?
3 Biological Species as a Form of Existence, the Higher Form
4 Defining ‘Species, ‘Biodiversity, and ‘Conservation by Their Transitive Relation
5 Transitioning Toward a Universal Species Concept for the Classification of all Organisms
6 An Essentialistic View of the Species Problem
7 Species, Trees, Characters, and Concepts: Ongoing Issues, Diverse Ideologies, and a Time for Reflection and Change
8 Conspecific Recognition Systems and the Rehabilitation of the Biological Species Concept in Ornithology
9 Species Delimitation: A Decade After the Renaissance
Section 3 Historical Issue
10 Darwins Species Concept Revisited
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