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Mental Training - Master Your Thoughts, Master Your Life

"Mental Training - Master Your Thoughts, Master Your Life" by Henry Stone
2014 | EPUB | 45 pages | ASIN: B00R6EKXUA | English | 0.1 MB

Discover and Apply The Tools of Self Power And Inner Strength

Mental Training for Powerful Change
Are you always wondering how successful people are always able to achieve more? If you will talk with them, theres just that sense of overwhelming positivity that gives you the inspiration to be like them. However, is it really easy to become a winner or to succeed in ones field of endeavor? There seems to be a missing piece if you will try to emulate winners and achievers. Yes, you are right! The missing piece is mental power!

A lot of what happens in your life is mostly determined by what you are thinking. Your state of mind clearly gives way to the realization of capabilities, opportunities, and goals. The work that you will exert towards the attainment of lifes goals is affected by how tough your mind is and how you will use its powers.

Even if many of us realize how important it is to work towards the development of mental power through training, only a few gets real results. The fault is obviously on the fact that they dont know the ways and means of proper mental training. There are many approaches when it comes to mental training. It will depend on many factors such as your purpose, availability of materials and help, personal upbringing, and many other related things.

There is no reason to worry now! This book was put together to bring you all the things that you will need for a simple yet effective mental training. There are no complicated additional things to buy or commitments to get involved in if you will choose this book. The best approaches on mental training as well as effective ways to achieve goals have been condensed on every chapter of this information "treasure box". You have the power to initiate positive changes in your life. Let this book lead you to it!

The following are some of the topics addressed in this :

The basics of mental training.
The power of self-belief.
Development of your ability to shift between different mental states.
Conquering fear and stress to improve your skill in decision-making.
Controlling yourself and other people through physiology.
Becoming a real-life winner through the development of an ideal mindset.
Boosting your memory for better performance.
Gain an insight of what mental training strategies are best for you.
Hone your skills in concentrating, critical thinking, and reasoning.
Learn some very interesting facts about the human brain and mental power
And many more!

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