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"Current Issues and Recent Advances in Pacemaker Therapy" ed. by Attila Roka

"Current Issues and Recent Advances in Pacemaker Therapy" ed. by Attila Roka
English | ITAe | 2012 | ISBN: 9789535107033 | 296 pages | PDF | 40 MB
This book reviews several clinically relevant issues and recent advances of pacemaker therapy: implantation, device follow-up and management of complications. Innovations and research on the frontiers of this technology are also discussed as they may have wider utilization in the future. The book should provide useful information for clinicians involved in the management of patients with implanted antiarrhythmia devices and researchers working in the field of cardiac implants.

Patients with implanted pacemakers or defibrillators are frequently encountered in various healthcare settings. As these devices may be responsible for, or contribute to a variety of clinically significant issues, familiarity with their function and potential complications facilitates patient management.

Section 1 Novel Implantation Techniques
1 Techniques of Permanent Pacemaker Implantation
2 Interventional and Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques Facilitating Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Section 2 Follow Up and Optimization of Device Function
3 Electrocardiographic Troubleshooting of Implanted Cardiac Electronic Devices
4 Strategies and Pacemaker Algorithms for Avoidance of Unnecessary Right Ventricular Stimulation
5 Implanted Devices and Atrial Fibrillation
Section 3 Management of Complications
6 Complications of Pacemaker Implantation
7 Device-Related Endocarditis and Infected Leads Extraction: The Dark Side of The Moon
8 Mechanism and Management of Pacing Lead Related Cardiac Perforation
9 Intravascular Lead Extractions: Tips and Tricks
10 Emergencies of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
Section 4 Frontiers of Pacemaker Technology
11 Nonlinear Cardiac Dynamics
12 Mobile and Wireless Technologies on Sphygmomanometers and Pulsimeters for Patients with Pacemakers and Those with Other Cardiovascular Diseases
13 Phrenic Nerve Pacing: Current Concepts
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