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"Climate Change and Regional/Local Responses" ed. by Yuanzhi Zhang and Pallav Ray

"Climate Change and Regional/Local Responses" ed. by Yuanzhi Zhang and Pallav Ray
English | ITAe| 2013 | ISBN: 9789535111320 | 255 pages | PDF | 42 MB
This issue provides an ensemble climate change forecasting using different methods and models of regional an lockal climate simulations.

Section 1 Weather Forecasting
1 Ensemble Forecasting
2 Forecasting Weather in Croatia Using ALADIN Numerical Weather Prediction Model
3 Measurements and Observations of Meteorological Visibility at ITS Stations
Section 2 Climate Modeling
4 Grids in Numerical Weather and Climate Models
5 Modelling Sea Level Rise from Ice Sheet Melting in a Warming Climate
6 Impact of Tropical Cyclone on Regional Climate Modeling over East Asia in Summer and the Effect of Lateral Boundary Scheme
Section 3 Paleoclimate and Geo-Environments
7 Itajuba yansanae Gen and SP NOV of Gnetales, Araripe Basin (Albian-Aptian) in Northeast Brazil
8 Fractal Nature of the Band-Thickness in the Archean Banded Iron Formation in the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, Northwest Territories, Canada
9 Trace Elements and Palynomorphs in the Core Sediments of a Tropical Urban Pond
10 Mapping of Lineaments for Groundwater Targeting and Sustainable Water Resource Management in Hard Rock Hydrogeological Environment Using RS- GIS
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