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101 Recipes You Cant Live Without: The Prevention Cookboo

101 Recipes You Cant Live Without: The Prevention Cookboo By Lori Powell
English | 2012 | 224 Pages | ISBN: 1609619420 | EPUB | 7 MB

Half of Americans take dietary supplements, with little proof that they do anything to protect their health. What has been proven: the healing power of nutrients in food. In "101 Recipes You Cant Live Without", readers will learn how to get everything they need from their plates - deliciously and without overdoing it on calories. People who want to feel better, lose weight, and stay healthy for years to come cant rely on pills: They need to know how to eat smarter. "Prevention" has identified the best sources of 13 essential nutrients for a healthy body - the ones research shows have the most disease-fighting potential - and created 101 flavour-packed dishes loaded with them. The secret is combining super foods. From hearty breakfasts to mouth-watering desserts, readers can rest easy knowing that every bite they take is maximizing their health and satisfying their taste buds. Along the way, they will discover easy food swaps and strategies to help them make the most nutritious choices at every meal. Lets face it, no one has ever said, "Isnt this vitamin pill delicious?" or bonded with friends and family over a packet of antioxidant supplements. With "101 Recipes You Cant Live Without" readers have the tools they need to craft the healthiest possible diet without feeling deprived


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