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"New Trends and Developments in Biometrics" ed. by Jucheng Yang, Shan Juan Xie

"New Trends and Developments in Biometrics" ed. by Jucheng Yang, Shan Juan Xie
Second Edition
English | ITAvE | 2016 | ISBN: 953510859X | 342 pages | PDF | 22 MB
The topics covered in this book reflect well both aspects of development. They include the new development in forensic speaker recognition, 3D and thermo face recognition, finger vein recognition, contact-less biometric system, hand geometry recognition, biometric performance evaluation, multi-biometric template protection, and novel subfields in the new challenge fields.

The key objective of the book is to keep up with the new technologies on some recent theoretical development as well as new trends of applications in biometrics.
The book consists of 13 chapters. It is divided into four sections, namely, theory and method, performance evaluation, security and template protection, and other applications.

Section 1 Theory and Method
1 Speaker Recognition: Advancements and Challenges
2 3D and Thermo-Face Fusion
3 Finger-Vein Image Restoration Based on a Biological Optical Model
4 Basic Principles and Trends in Hand Geometry and Hand Shape Biometrics
5 Genetic & Evolutionary Biometrics
Section 2 Performance Evaluation
6 Performance Evaluation of Automatic Speaker Recognition Techniques for Forensic Applications
7 Evaluation of Biometric Systems
Section 3 Security and Template Protection
8 Multi-Biometric Template Protection: Issues and Challenges
9 Generation of Cryptographic Keys from Personal Biometrics: An Illustration Based on Fingerprints
Section 4 Others
10 An AFIS Candidate List Centric Fingerprint Likelihood Ratio Model Based on Morphometric and Spatial Analyses (MSA)
11 Physiological Signal Based Biometrics for Securing Body Sensor Network
12 Influence of Skin Diseases on Fingerprint Quality and Recognition
13 Algorithms for Processing Biometric Data Oriented to Privacy Protection and Preservation of Significant Parameters
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