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"Interferometry - Research and Applications in Science and Technology" ed. by Ivan Padron

"Interferometry - Research and Applications in Science and Technology" ed. by Ivan Padron
English | InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9789535104032 | 474 pages | PDF | 38 MB
This book provides the most recent studies on interferometry and its applications in science and technology. It is an outline of theoretical and experimental aspects of interferometry and their applications. The book is an excellent reference of current interferometry applications in science and technology. It offers the opportunity to increase our knowledge about interferometry and encourage researchers in development of new applications.

The book is divided in two sections. The first one is an overview of different interferometry techniques and their general applications, while the second section is devoted to more specific interferometry applications comprising from interferometry for magnetic fusion plasmas to interferometry in wireless networks.

Part 1 Interferometry Methods and Research
Chapter 1 Optical Fiber Interferometers and Their Applications
Chapter 2 The Applications of the Heterodyne Inter ferae metry
Chapter 3 One-Shot Phase-Shifting Inter ferometry with Phase-Gratings and Modulation of Polarization Using N>=4 Interferograms
Chapter 4 Phosphor-Based White Light Emitting Diode (LED) for Vertical Scanning Inter ferometry (VSI)
Chapter 5 Similar iton-Based Spectral Inter ferometry for Signal Analysis on Femtosecond Time Scale
Chapter 6 Spectral Low Coherence Inter ferometry: A Complete Analysis of the Detection System and the Signal Processing
Chapter 7 Speckle Inter ferometry for Displacement Measurement and Hybrid Stress Analysis
Chapter 8 Phase-Shifting Inter ferometry by Amplitude Modulation
Chapter 9 N-Shots 2N-Phase-Steps Binary Grating Inter ferometry
Chapter 10 Path Length Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering Measurements with Suppressed Influence of Optical Properties Using Phase Modulated Low Coherence Interferometry
Chapter 11 Interferometric Measurement in Shock Tube Experiments
Part 2 Recent Inter fero metry Applications
Chapter 12 Inter fero metry for Fusion Devices
Chapter 13 Simultaneous Phase Shifting Shearing Inter fero metry for Measurement of Static and Dynamic Phase Objects
Chapter 14 Laser Inter fero metric Determination of Liposomes Diffusion Through Artificial Membranes
Chapter 15 Experimental I Phase-Shifts Observed in the Fourier Spectra of Phase Gratings and Applications in Simultaneous PSI
Chapter 16 Length Measurement for Optical Transmission Line Using Inter fero metry
Chapter 17 High Order Momentum States by Light Wave Scattering
Chapter 18 Thickness Measurement of Photoresist Thin Films Using Inter fero metry
Chapter 19 Real-Time Heterodyne Inter fero metry with Correlation Image Sensor
Chapter 20 Application of Inter fero metry to Analysis of Polymer-Poly mer and Polymer-Solvent Interactions
Chapter 21 Inter fero metry in Wireless Sensor Networks
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